Kingsmill Championship 2017 – Round 3

May 20, 2017

Every once and a while the equipment craps the bed. It happened to Scraper today as the bag strap fell apart. That’s when you have to do your best impression of MacGyver to get through the week and Scraper did not disappoint. He mended his bag strap with some rope and duck tape. A new sack is on the way.

Scraper fixiing bag Kingsmill

Did you know that Emily Tubert’s dad is actor and voice artist Marcelo Tubert?

My high pressure AC hose sprung a leak and so I took it took Meineke just down the street. The part had to be ordered but work was promised to be complete by the 5pm scheduled close of business. So I hitched a ride to the course with Rick and returned with Scraper.

Walked over at four hoping it was almost finished but Murphy’s Law was in full force. The part (redesigned) was no way close to the original and the tech was trying his best to make it fit. It was an impossible task so the old part was reinstalled. It was 6:30 by the time I drove away. They worked on it for four hours at no charge.

Kingsmill Championship 2017 – Round 2

May 19, 2017

Hot and humid. Scores are going down.

Loopers in action.

Jeff Decoen and Wichanee Meechai watch their tee ball on nine yesterday. Is someone missing a table cloth?

Jeff Decoen and Wichanee Meechai

Scraper. Things are looking up.

Scraper and Pavarisa Yoktuan

I was talking to Rick by the putting green early in the week. He was cleaning his players clubs (Ryann O’Toole) and it looked like they were excessively dirty after a week off. When finished, he looked down and noticed it was Carlota Ciganda’s bag and not his. I’m sure T-Mac was very appreciative. 🙂

Benito’s swing at the caddie contest. Not bad but no chicken dinner.

Heard Worth Bob is going to make an appearance next week.

I took a series of pictures of Lexi landing on the fairway yesterday and made a Google animation. Here it is.


Then there was this:

Panther Creek to flip nines for tourney

Singh’s lawyer on ordered trial: “Perhaps for the first time, the PGA Tour will be called to answer”

‘Don’t drink too much and golf’: Man whiffs swing at Fort Worth Topgolf, falls off platform into netting

College golfer has to strip down and jump into a lake after accidentally dropping golf ball

Kingsmill Championship 2017 – Pro-Am

May 17, 2017

Nothing out of the ordinary except for Lexi Thompson landing on the first fairway after a tandem skydive. 🙂

Almost there.

Lexi Thompson skydive in air


Lexi Thompson skydive landing

It was another nine hole event with the amateur team changing pros at the turn but with a bit of a twist for one group. They switched from one Korda sister to the other. Very cool.

One of the guys had a good story to tell regarding this event in a previous year. His group played the back side first and as he traversed the steep decent off the seventeenth tee, his last step onto the lower tee was a slippery one. He fell backwards but the bag cushioned his fall. Assuming all was well, he continued on but when he arrived on number one, he noticed that the three wood cover was sitting significantly lower in the bag. He pulled it out and discovered the shaft was broken.

Not knowing what to do, advice was asked from another caddie in the group. “When should I tell her?” he queried. “Not until you need it.” was the answer. That happened on the par five seventh. It didn’t go over well.

Kingsmill Championship 2017 – Tuesday

May 16, 2017

I’m empty this week so far.

There once was a par three caddie contest here until the course was plowed under and used for villa construction. A $10,000 hole-in-one contest was substituted but has now evolved into a three hole closest-to-the pin contest with the winner on each hole receiving $300.

Two holes were used on the Plantation Course but the third was an improvisation resulting in an unusual finish. A tee was created among the trees and the eighteenth green on the tournament course was the target.

I believe Paul Martinez won the cash on this hole.

caddie contest 18th hole Kingsmill

A cookout with burgers, chicken, salad and beer followed.

Then there was this:

Golfer Kaylin Yost embraces hearing impairment, shares her story

LPGA legend Pak Se-ri to begin new career as TV commentator

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