Rochester’s Last Stand

August 14, 2014

LPGA players salute Rochester for 38 years

Home of the best fans on the face of the planet.

Rochester would be a great locale for an LPGA Legends event.

Rumor was the annual caddie/player bowling tournament was not going to be held this week. Wonder if that came about?


Michelle Wie@themichellewie Aug 12 Starting my bone stimulator treatment today! #letsgetthisbonehealed #recovery

Beth Ann Nichols@GolfweekNichols 16h Stacy Lewis ranks Monroe Golf Club as the second-best venue on the 2014 schedule behind Pinehurst No. 2.

“It’s amazing. Probably one of the best courses we’ve ever played.” – Cristie Kerr on Monroe Golf Club, site of the @wegmanslpga

Lexi Thompson’s record at the LPGA Championship: CUT, T-30, T-28. The new venue is a welcome sight to Lexi, who can hit driver all day.

Then there was this:

Rory McIlroy Golf Ball Sells For $52K at Auction

Woman awarded €275000 after being hit in head by golf ball

Hall of Fame golfer Pak Se-ri to have own tourney in S. Korea

Robin Williams on Golf –  Rated raunchy.

No Ignoring Elephant in Ryder Cup Room

LPGA Championship – Wednesday

June 22, 2011

My Player Is Moira Dunn

Played the front nine in an off and on drizzle/rain but the course really needed the extra moisture. The greens were getting a little crusty.

We used the up tee on two to see if we could clear the pond. I give it a 9.5 on the entry. We’ll be laying-up.

As we finished on the ninth green, Rosie Jones was giving Natalie Gulbis a lesson on the green. We’ll see if it pays off.

Good sandwiches in the caddie tent this week. I mistakenly grabbed an all veggie variety on my first pick. How do people survive on that stuff? Didn’t make that mistake on round two. The ice-cream cooler arrives tomorrow.

Heard of another player that brought her swing coach along in the pro-am. Happened in Springfield and my source stated that one amateur in the group said it was the worst pro-am experience he has ever had. She was willing to answer questions but stuck with her coach the entire round. The sad part is, the pro is one of the LPGA’s top players. Not exactly the way to cultivate a fan base.

Katherine Hull withdrew from the pro-am yesterday but not by choice. She was stuck in Canada for a week trying to renew her visa.

Then there was this:

McGladrey Announces Caddie for Davis Love Contest

Past and future LPGA champs discuss history of Rochester golf

LPGA Tour Launches First App for iPhone and iPod touch

December 4, 2010

Aloha Friday at the Ale House.

Keith Tribute web

Keith Kennedy Tribute

Then there was this:

Alexis Thompson, 15, petitions to double her LPGA schedule next year

LPGA Championship – Round One

December 3, 2010

Multi-group backups on the par threes took its toll. Nine groups didn’t finish. Restarted at first light (well, almost) today. Heard the wind chill this morning was 33°. BRRRRRRR!

Then there was this:

Doctor Connected to Golfer Erica Blasberg’s Death Pleads Guilty to Obstruction

Bad weather sees Catriona Matthew miss LPGA

Sorenstam, Mahan named AJGA National Chairmen

Rawson to take year off from full-time golf Old news. Knew that way back in Prattville.

Sorenstam eyes Orlando for signature tourney

A Conversation with LPGA Commissioner Whan: The Future of the LPGA

Big booty bloomers for your bodacious buttocks -But they were inundated with calls from obese women around the world claiming they are too small.- YIKES! You have to check-out the size of these under-drawers.

LPGA Championship – Round Two

June 25, 2010

My Player is Stephanie Louden

Ran out of gas on the inward nine. Four over sends me to Toledo early.

Good move: Split tees starting at 7:00 to beat the weather.

On a roll: Another good week for online coverage. This time from the Articles on Betsy Rawls, Lindsey Wright, Juli Inkster and plenty more. A detailed tour of Locust Hill is also featured. Very well done but it must be from past events. The extra length is included in the video but not the audio.

LPGA Championship – Round One

June 24, 2010

My Player is Stephanie Louden

Shutout on birdies. Shot three over.

We played “ball in hand” due to rain soaked fairways. Scores would have been much worse if we didn’t.

The skies opened up once more just before two o’clock. Came down in buckets then blew on through.

Major disappointment, almost: Given this is a ‘Major’ and hosted by the food giant Wegmans, the paltry eats in the caddie area has been an embarrassment. It wasn’t the fault of our Caddie Masters but the guy who they have to beg for the food. After running out of sandwiches one day, they were told that the caddies should eat just one. Maybe they thought another “loaves and fishes” miracle was in the works. Finally, the food embargo was broken today and mountains of sub sandwiches now stock our cooler and the ice-cream even arrived.

Class act: Before today’s round began, the Commissioner escorted Betsy Rawls onto the putting green. He called for everyone’s attention, introduced her and explained the significant contribution she has made to the LPGA and asked them to come over for a meet and greet.

Happy 50th! Juli Inkster hit that milestone this week. Doesn’t seem to have made her any less competitive. She still can post it in the red.

Thanks for comin’ but … Our bowling team of Jaybird, Motorcycle Jim and myself shared lanes 17 and 18 with Dana, Travis and Schiffer at the “Donna Wanna” Classic. We brought Scraper in from the bullpen to sub for the ailing Jaybird after just one frame. Tweaked his hip. The alleys were divided into 16 lanes on each side of the building and we were the only two teams on the empty side. I figured they didn’t want “six angry white guys” playing with the others.

Sage advice: Effinjeff found himself in quite a dilemma on Tuesday. Being a native Rochestarian, he was torn between the bowling tournament and the Rochester Rhinos soccer game so he asked for my advice. “You can either spend a night with your friends or bowl with us” was my reply. 🙂

LPGA Championship – Wednesday

June 23, 2010

My Player is Stephanie Louden

We’ve already played 27 holes so the back nine, early this morning, was all we needed.

FORE! Sandra G. made quite an impression on Se Ri during Monday’s practice round. Unfortunately, it was on the side of her leg just below the knee. She fell behind on the second hole and hit an extra shot to the green when the rest of the group was putting. Her ninety yard shot first zipped by the ear of Se Ri’s looper before making impact. Quite an impressive bruise she’s sporting.

No fun in the sun: Yesterday’s afternoon pro-am was a wash as the second drenching of the day hit around 2:30.

Under the microscope: Justin Poynter is Steph’s teacher and also works with Nicole Hage. He’ll be looping for Nicole this week and will be in the group in front of us. We’ll be watching.

Roll ‘em if you got ‘em: We teed it up on the lanes last night in our annual “Donna Wanna” Keglers Classic. Along with some atrocious attempts of athletic ability, a few brews and a slice or two were mixed in.

Commissioner Mike Whan even stopped by to roll a few frames. Caught him in the act I did.

mike whan

Ready, set …

mike whan approach


Roll dem bones: One of my readers joined Yani on the craps tables last week and corrupted her but good. Shame on you Barbara! 😉

LPGA Championship – Tuesday

June 22, 2010

My Player is Stephanie Louden

Day off for me. Steph practiced off-site.

Shotgun pro-am for us yesterday. Turned into a good practice round as we only used a couple drives from our team.

OMG! You think some of the scores were high last week? Hold on to your hats. Deep rough, extra length, firm greens (if it doesn’t’ rain) and narrow fairways turned this usual birdie-fest into a championship test.

Locust Hill is in superb condition. The first cut of rough is very deceiving. The ball sits down and offers a more challenging lie than one would expect. The primary rough must be avoided at all costs. Heard they’ll trim it to three inches up to the rope line. Not touching anything outside of that.

Change is good: Did Obama say that? Never the less, here is what I’ve noticed so far on the lengthening of Locust Hill. An extra thirty yards on one, three, four and ten; fifteen on nine; twenty on eleven and eighteen on fourteen. Close enough.


May 28, 2010

Everyone’s teeing it up except the LPGA. What’s left to say?

Loving my new Lenovo. Screamin’ fast, backlit keyboard, ‘always on’ USB for charging and much more. Highly recommended so far. Did have a problem with a software error but a call to tech support (in Atlanta, which just floored me) set it right.

The “House of ICE” seems to be the perfect oasis for loopers on he go. ‘Motorcycle Jim’ stopped in early in the week and ‘The Nerd’ is hear updating a yardage book for Scioto C.C. Next week, the PGA is in town for The Memorial and Lance will be here. I plan on going one day. May follow Tiger.

Full house? LPGA Championship at Locust Hill expected to draw record crowds Our best venue on tour.

Who will step up to the plate? LPGA still looking for new home for major Rumors of moving it overseas (like Korea) for a year have been floating around.

All is well? LPGA’s Gulbis plays round of golf with "great guy" Roethlisberger

Fe Fi Fo Fum, I smell sliders sittin’ in a bun:  White Castle candles that smell like burgers have customers drooling

FYI: Census workers can enter your apartment in your absence Scary stuff.

Is there an app for that? Tenth apparent suicide at Foxconn iPhone factory in China

Smoke em if you got em: Video of two year old baby smoking Someone had to take the place of the Marlboro Man.

Ready For Morelia

April 20, 2010

For the second consecutive year, I’ll be taking the circuitous route to Morelia. This Saturday, I’ll fly DFW to MEX, take a taxi to the Terminal Poniente bus station, board an ETN coach for the four hour trip to Morelia and one more taxi to the Holiday Inn Express. I will not be the only one doing this by far. Even some players will be making this move. The bottom line is the reason.

LPGA Tour confirms world No. 1 Ochoa will retire Hey, we still have Shin, Tseng, Kim, Park, Lee and Wie.

Would you like to join us? Given our schedule and the extra daylight available, the field during the summer events will be increased to 150 from the standard 144. Good move.

I never would have guessed: – And golfers don’t cheat. … “That’s what makes our sport so special,” Davis said. “It was just one of those things. I had to call it and I did.” – Brian Davis after calling a penalty on himself in the playoff.

Shoulder to shoulder? Advanced ticket sales to the LPGA Championship, held at Locust Hill in Rochester NY this year, have doubled compared to previous years I’ve heard. Wegmans has always amassed a substantial gallery so a strain on the logistics of crowd management is inevitable. But given their years of experience and a reputation of being one of the best run events on tour, I’m positive they’ll have it worked out by game time. One thing for sure, those premium parking spots just across the street from the course will not be going down in price. CHA-CHING!

Was it a Titleist? – large amount of garbage in its stomach — ranging from a pair of sweat pants to a golf ball. –

I’ll pass: Played with an iPad at Best Buy awhile back. Nice toy but that would be way down on my just-need-to-have list. Unless of course, one of my readers would like to submit one for my review. 😉

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