2014 MGRC – Tuesday

March 18, 2014

Fished staging the pro-am carts and worked the range until my departure at four.

Ran into Mike Eggling. Still on tour as a club manufacturer’s rep.

The next two pro-am days will be brutal. 4:30 am start and stay till closing. 😦

Then there was this:

Stewart, Suh qualify for JTBC LPGA Founders Cup

VIDEO: Model Sues After Golf Ball Shot Off Booty Goes Bad « Chicago’s B96 – 96.3 FM

Watch LPGA Founders Cup 2014 Online Live – Video Dailymotion

2014 MGRC – Monday

March 17, 2014

Most of my day was consumed with washing and staging the pro-am carts. Sounds simple but the logistics were a pain. They were stored near the front gate (quite a distance fro the clubhouse) so first we had to retrieve, then wash and finally take them to the range. Really needed more bodies to help us.

I was scheduled to close and an early departure was in the cards until one lone contestant showed and decided to play. Turned out to be a normal day after all.

Tommy Thorpe showed and is looking for a loop. Has a chance to get a qualifier if the guy makes it.

Steve Bybee came in late for a yardage book. He’s working for Gilder.

Then there was this:

62, playoff birdie give Hull first LET win

Inkster to be named 2015 US Solheim Cup captain

Happy 59: Annika makes history 13 years ago – I was one of the many to witness her final putt.

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