Murphy USA Shootout 2017 – Round 1 and 2

September 16, 2017

My player is Kendall Dye.

Even yesterday and two over today. We be playin’ tomorrow.

We played late/early but today seemed hotter. Extremely humid.

If the greens weren’t holding, this would be an impossible course. Every one has a false front, false sides and multi levels. The bunkers suck also. Many plugged lies.

Then there was this:

Day makes ace, donates car to Evans Scholars


Murphy USA Shootout 2017 – Thursday Pro-Am

September 14, 2017

My player is Kendall Dye.

It was our turn in the pro-am. Only nine holes after we switched at the turn with Becca Huffer. Yesterday everyone had to play eighteen.

Looks like there was very little impact from Irma in Venice FL, home of the 2nd stage Q-School.

I heard the China event I declined to go to was brutally hot (over 100°) and as hilly as French Lick.

Then there was this:

South Florida-based golfers still sifting through Irma damage

Murphy USA Shootout 2017 – Tuesday

September 12, 2017

My player is Kendall Dye.

The plan was to play nine in the afternoon but remnants of Irma put the kibosh on that,

Drove to Oklahoma City Sunday then on to El Dorado yesterday. Walked the course in the afternoon but not before I lunched at the local Wendy’s. Ordered a large chili and a cup of water and was charged for the water by a trainee. Resolved that problem but the chili was worth the effort. So thick I could have eaten it with a fork.

Bad news for the LPGA China event that was scheduled for the first week of October and moved from Beijing to Shanghai. It has been canceled due to permit problems.  No one will lose any cash over reservations. That will be covered.

Nice divot pattern from last week.

golf divots

Also from last week. Unfortunately (or not), you have to travel to Colorado to buy it.

hemp ice cream

Then there was this:

Dudes play golf while girl face plants during live report

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