NWGA 2016 Jones Course – Round 3

November 17, 2016

My player is Madeleine Sheils.

Got back those two shots we lost yesterday. Finished –2 and T12 for the event.

Then there was this:

The shaky state of the women’s golf game in America – This was envisioned by the tour caddies many years ago. We were ahead of the times.

Donald Trump proves again that golf is the ultimate predictor of Presidential elections (No, really)

Henderson, Graham and Sharp Remember Dawn Coe-Jones

ANA Jr. Inspiration will include LPGA legends in 2017

LPGA tournament confirmed for Auckland in major coup

NWGW 2016 Jones Course – Round 2

November 16, 2016

My player is Madeleine Sheils.

Gave up our under par total today. Shot +2.

Spotted a ten foot gator just to the left of the sixth tee. Maddie likes to take photos of Eddie, her sloth driver cover, in different situations so I suggestd one with the reptile. She wouldn’t go for it. 🙂

Then there was this:

If the PGA Tour and European Tour ever merged, here is what might happen

With Trump Proposal to Expand Bronx Golf Course, Some See Red, Not Greens

Donald Trump wins appeal to keep 81ft flagpole at Scottish golf course

NWGA 2016 Jones Course – Round 1

November 15, 2016

My player is Madeleine Sheils.

Doubled the first hole but still shot –2. See all the scores here.

Everyone needed a pit stop after the 13th hole and a restroom was readily available. Instead of waiting her turn on the ladies’ side, Maddie opted for door number two (appropriately coined) and found a guy sitting on the throne. Doubt if she’ll ever do that again without checking. Guys always seem to fail to lock the door.

The supermoon was just awesome! Here’s one of the best pictures of it you’re ever going to see.

super moon butt crack

Then there was this:

Dawn Coe-Jones, leading Canadian golfer, dies at 56

Hard lessons for the DNC and LPGA

Whan intrigued by idea of LPGA-LET partnership

Former Playboy Playmate Ashley Mattingly charged with drunk driving a golf cart

NWGA at Timacaun – Round 3

February 12, 2016

My player is Rui Xin “Rachel” Liu.

A perfect day of weather but not golf. Shot +4 and finished T10. Didn’t hit it well and the putting touch was lacking. No, she wasn’t nervous.

For finishing low amateur Rachel received a $350 gift certificate to be used in the pro shop. Nice.

Speaking of Rachel’s amateurism, when I worked for last year in Longwood, the plan was to turn pro early this year so I wondered what changed. She said she was going to after playing the China Open in December but broke her ankle and couldn’t play. I guess that has delayed her decision.

Had to line up Rachel in the final round so there was no chance of getting ahead. All that trotting to keep up was getting to me after the first day so it just added to the discomfort. My quads were aching. Don’t think I’ll be doing any more of these unless I could forecaddie.

Rachel will be playing in the Symetra event in Lake Wales and wants me on the bag but I’ll be out west hopefully working. 🙂

I try not to name names but when attacked, I fire back.

We were paired with Anne-Catherine Tanguay all three rounds and when we finished yesterday, she confronted Rachel and berated my performance especially toward her. After hearing her complaints, I could only chalk it up to delusional paranoia but you can decide for yourself.

She said the noise from my rain pants distracted her on the second hole. I did remove them there but we were at least fifty yards in front and to the right of where she and the other contestant was but I looked back and checked before disrobing. Neither player was ready. They were still shooting the yardage.

She also said I was constantly moving when she was hitting and only did it to her and not the other player. Never happened.

One time I was a little close to her line on the seventeenth green and she asked me to move. I did but she said I laughed at her while doing so. Again, never happened.

She also bemoaned the fact that I never picked up her towel on the green and never raked her bunkers. Earth to Anne-Catherine, I wasn’t working for you! Pick up your own crap and clean up your own mess.

I’m done.

Then there was this:

Caddie lawsuit against the PGA Tour gets thrown out by judge

Oneida Nation to Sponsor New LPGA Tour Event in Green …

NWGA at Tmacuan – Round 2

February 10, 2016

My player is Ruixin “Rachel” Liu.

Shot the same as yesterday +2 but started bogey, triple. It was an excellent recovery. It was lucky we teed it up at all. Rachel was feeling poorly.

The wind was a steady 20+ mph. Better weather tomorrow.

That triple was the result of one of the other players getting inside Rachel’s head. Should not have been more than a bogey. Rinsed two.

Then there was this:

Natalie Gulbis on What Golf Has To Do In Order To Fix Slow Play

NWGA at Timacuan – Round 1

February 9, 2016

My player is Ruixin “Rachel” Liu.

It wasn’t as cold as Sunday but close. The wind blew steady at a plus two club strength all day and gusted now and then. Twice balls moved on the green One about two feet. Shot a very respectable two over. Here are the scores.

Played it up today. Plenty of mud on the ball and the course isn’t in the best condition anyway.

We were the second group off but the first threesome. After five holes we were nine minutes behind the time par and were given a warning. We had three holes to catch up and must have done it. Didn’t see an official the rest of the way.

I was in a half trot all day. Happy it was a flat course.

Then there was this:

Jack Nicklaus-founded golf club faces federal lawsuit

Back In Action

February 8, 2016

My player is Ruixin “Rachel” Liu.

I’ll be working the NWGA event this week at the Timacuan Golf and Country Club in Lake Mary FL. It’s a three day event starting tomorrow.

We played a practice round yesterday and I dressed the same as last week. Regaled in full winter gear, gloves were added to the ensemble. Rode the buggy in practice but have to hoof it for the tournament.

We tee off at nine tomorrow with a temperature of 45° with the wind owing up to twenty. Can’t wait.

Here are the pairings.

Q-School Prep – Round One

November 18, 2015

Looping for Yu Liu.

We’re on the Hills Course.

Two errant tee balls coast us five shots. The exact number we’re off the lead. If ifs and buts were candy and nuts …

According to a Facebook post, Danielle Ammaccapane will be on the DL with a torn ACL. Think we’ve seen the last of the celebratory jumps.

We were pelted with rain off and on all day. We even had a sight suspension for casual water on the greens.

Caddies have to walk unless the player decides to walk up to the green. Otherwise there is a warning if seen then two shot penalty. Someone should have told the group in front of us. Of course it’s on the rule sheet but who reads that?

Then there was this:

Carin Koch admits slow play is a problem in women’s golf

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