Not Exactly The Ritz

May 2, 2016

So I was looking for a cheap place to stay when I arrived yesterday and the Relax Inn looked as if it fit the bill. About half way to Prattville on route 31, it sits next to the only other business around, Rhonda’s Sports Bar. It was cheap and clean enough but when I went back to the office to close the deal, two guys were paying for just an hour. The female in the backseat of their SUV may have had something to do with the short stay. I was out of their in a shot.

Birthday wishes go out to LPGA Club Repairman Paul Boehmer. A greeting party with cake gave him a surprise visit at his trailer.

Was talking to a couple of volunteers about the “new look” on tour. It wasn’t good. Enough said about that.

For the uninitiated, one of the best places to hang out is the caddie tent. Plenty of inside info. Even better when beer is available.

A Little Help for Our Friends

April 21, 2010

Historic Brownsville Open: Boehmer spends days at golf course fixing clubs …

They never had it so good.

J Golf International-Round Two

March 27, 2009

Since I took the day off yesterday, a trip out to the course for lunch seemed appropriate. The eats in the caddie tent have been extraordinary this week and today was no exception. Salad, Spanish rice, enchiladas and chocolate swirl cheesecake was the bill of fare.

WDs: The unofficial word is that Natalie and Grace had back problems and Paula is still suffering from a stomach bug she picked up last week.

“Rescue Me” That Fontella Bass classic would have been a fitting tune for LPGA club repairman Paul Boehmer yesterday as he awaited deliverance from a stuck elevator at the Embassy Suites. On his way down to the lobby with bottle of wine in hand, his search for a cork screw was abruptly halted between the third and fourth floor. The power went out due to the gusting winds and Paul had to wait out the thirty minutes -before the doors were pried open- without a drop to drink. So close, but yet, so far.

Zingers: Speaking of Paul, a thick skin is a requirement if you wish to hang by the repair trailer, as Dina Ammaccapane found out as she passed by. She noted that she was not playing in Morelia which brought this quick response from Paul. “If you can’t spell it, you can’t play it.” OUCH!

Viva Mexico! I mentioned last week that the cervezas were flowing quite liberally at our hotel bar but by week’s end, something special was on the alcoholic agenda. Tequila, followed by alternate sips of lemon juice and home made Sangrita -a drink known as “The Mexican Flag”- was all the rage. The beer below was just the starter course.


“Nobby” Raising “The Flag”

I’d like it detailed first, please: The “Looper Loop” go-kart race -held in Springfield IL during the State Farm Classic- will be kicking it up a notch this year. Besides getting a trophy and reserved parking spot in the player lot, the winning looper will receive a $100 gas card and have the use of a Mercedes Benz convertible through the weekend! If you haven’t heard, NBC, along with ESPN2, will be televising the tournament and I wonder if they’ll give us a bit of coverage? Maybe an overhead shot from the blimp.

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