ShopRite Classic 2017 – Round 1

June 2, 2017

I have an unfortunate habit of losing focus during a conversation and it happened again this week. Brianna only needed a looper for one day and may maybe as she alternated if her friend didn’t drive up. He did. Still was worth it. It was a very enjoyable day and managed to get breakfast and lunch in player dining.

She got in for Lizette Salas and took advantage. Shot –1.

So I was leaving the course yesterday and my car wouldn’t start. Son of a bitch! Looked under the car and found a pool of gasoline. I laid down on the ground and found a disconnected fuel line where it met the filter. Looked like a retaining clip was missing. I pushed the hose back on and got a dose of petrol all over my arm for the effort.

Took it back to Pep Boys and the tech who worked on it asked me to show where the leak was. After pointing to the area, he admitted that he couldn’t find the clip so he pushed the hose back on and left it as is. Are you serious? Never even received an apology.

Heard the “Donut” is threatening to sue anyone who tries to prevent him from getting a bag by telling the truth. 🙂

ShopRite brought in caddies from different clubs for the two day pro-am as everyone walked. They carried doubles and I heard were housed in one of the local motels. Pretty classy.

Looks like Alejandra Llaneza’s roll has come to an end. Shot +7 today.

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