Prasco Championship 2019-Round 2

June 30, 2019

My player is Hyemin.

Too many blows put us down the road.

Eight WD’s this week. What’s up?

Mickey Novak was not on the bag for the second round. Don’t know why.

We played a practice round with Liv Cheng and she said this was her last event. The following interview after the first round confirms it. Classic case of burnout?

Liv Cheng (-3, T5) on her decision to call the Prasco Charity Championship her last Symetra Tour event:
“I have no idea what to think, but I’ve already made the decision to stop. I think this is my last event, regardless of how I play. It’s been a long time coming, just really struggling on the mental side. A solid finish doesn’t change anything and that’s why I should stop. It doesn’t even feel good to shoot 3-under.”

We played with Emily Collins and she’s packing it in also.

So, Joe and Suzanne were having trouble with their Verizon T2000 Wireless Home Phone connection. For the last month, it has not worked at all. Prior to that, it worked perfectly. I did some research and took a look at the box.

It was obvious what was wrong. “Press the power button” was displayed on the screen. DOH!

In their defense, it was not there when I first checked.

Then there was this:

Michelle Wie to take off rest of the year, try to get healthy

Daycare on the LPGA Tour Thanks to the skillful driving of the childcare truck by Jeff Steffler.

Prasco Championship 2019–Round 1

June 28, 2019

My player is Hyemin Kim.

Back-to-back doubles did us in. Shot three over.

Mickey Novak is looping for Elise Bradley. Didn’t help. +6 on the board.

Prasco Championship 2019–Thursday

June 27, 2019

My player is Hyemin Kim.

In the Pro-Am this morning. Only nine holes and on a buggy. We be early tomorrow.

Had dinner with Joe, Suzanne and Neil Carter at the Montgomery Inn. Best ribs ever! They never had a chance.

Montgomry Inn Coffe Joe, me and Neil Carter

Me with rib bones Montgomery Inn

Prasco Championship 2019 – Tuesday

June 26, 2019

My player is Hyemin Kim.

Ran the table (played eighteen) and we be done. It’s been raining here quite a bit lately and the course shows it. Very soft but the forecast looks good so a faster track is anticipated.

Staying at Coffee Joe’s the next two weeks.

It was Wayne Uyeda’s (aka Sansei, Japanadian, Ginzue) birthday on Monday. Joe called and we both wished him a happy one and caught up.

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