Prasco Championship – Round 3

July 1, 2018

My player is Kristy McPherson.

We could not get off the course fast enough. Shot +3 and shut out on birds.

Thanks for a week off in the schedule. Kristy gets  to recharge back home and I’ll be staying over in Cincinnati at “Coffee Joe’s” place. Bully will be spending another week so we’re in for plenty more laughs.

Anthony Muñoz was in front of us in the pro-am and was the announcer on the first tee today.

I haven’t mentioned it previously but the errors by the staff continue regarding the pin position depths. The policy of walking on a line from the front dot on the green to the back dot, then trying to square off to the pin position, just doesn’t work. It can be off by five yards or more on odd shaped greens. During the first round, the pin on the par three third hole was marked as nineteen and the green depth on the pin sheet at thirty. That should give you eleven yards to play with behind the pin but in reality, it was only six yards. Even if they don’t use the yardage book to help with the pin depth, simple subtraction from their own measurement of the green depth would have come up with the correct number. There is too much on the line to make such blatant but preventable errors.

How about this extra during the LPGA Thornberry Creek Classic next week in Green Bay. According to a caddie memo just sent out, a Sea-Doo watercraft will be awarded to any professional and their caddie that makes a hole-in one on #8 during the 3rd and 4th rounds. There is no limit to how many Sea-Doos will be awarded.

Apparently, there was a major kerfuffle regarding the price of the greens books at the KPMG. A lengthy explanation was sent out from the creator and a $35 credit offered on the next greens book purchased.

Personally, I think they should be banned. If you can’t read a green at the pro level so be it. It’s part of the game. A detailed topographical computer printout of every nook and cranny of the putting surface is way over the top.


Prasco Championship – Round 2

June 30, 2018

My player is Kristy McPherson.

Lost ground with an even par round. Have to go low tomorrow.

The first and tenth tees are hundreds of yards apart but the range is next to the tenth. No shuttles are provided so extra time is needed if you’re off one.

As the story goes, yesterday, a player was off number one and after warming up, told her local caddie to meet her on the tee. He did, with a minute to spare, but without the clubs! What’s worse, he thought leaving the sticks behind was comical and had a smirk on his face. He would have been fired but the player had an injured shoulder and couldn’t carry the bag herself. She got two extra blows on the card for the violation. Got to love them local caddies. Smile

I was invited to a Reds game with a 4:00 start but had to decline. Had enough hours in 90° heat.

Then there was this:

Rules violation causes LPGA veteran Lee-Anne Pace to be disqualified mid-round

Sacramento’s Natalie Gulbis on LPGA comeback trail. Next up, golf with Steph Curry and the stars

Dana Dormann Named Women’s Golf Coach

Prasco Championship – Round 1

June 29, 2018

My player is Kristy McPherson.

Birdied the last two for –3. Good start.

“Upstate Jay” is in the house looping for Lorie Kane.  Found him in the parking lot after the pro-am with car trouble. He left his headlights on and was getting a jump start from Janie Jackson. Lucky I came over. He had the cables on the wrong terminals.

Upstae Jay getting a jump start small

Spotted this vanity plate. Interesting.

vanity plate XNOMRPH small

Prasco Championship – Wednesday

June 27, 2018

My player is Kristy McPherson.

We played the back nine after an hour and a half wait on the tee. Many players played the front yesterday before thunderstorms put a halt to that so they all wished to play the back.

Had dinner with “Coffee Joe” and his wife Suzanne yesterday. They’re hosting Bully for the week so he rounded off the foursome.

Joe made his “meatloaf extravaganza” but not in the usual way. Instead of a giant ten pounder (that may be an exaggeration) he made mini-loafs using a muffin tin. Corn on the cob and cheesy potatoes finished off the main course. Bully contributed the desert. He conjured up a custard pie using his mom’s recipe. Add in hours of laughter and a perfect evening was had by all.

Bully Joe and Larry 06.26.18

Then there was this:

LPGA Tour pro Cindy LaCrosse pays adoption fees, donates to animal shelters

Prasco Championship – Tuesday

June 26, 2018

My player is Kristy McPherson.

We’re playing TPC River’s Bend this week and is by far the best course I’ve seen on the Symetra Tour. Got out early and walked it. After the second hole, I had the entire course to myself. Sweet.

Here’s my Airbnb for this week. Right next to the Cincinnati Golf Center and Kings Island Amusement Park.

Then there was this:

PGA Tour investigating Bryson DeChambeau’s use of compass during tournaments

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