Randolph Park

March 8, 2016

Randoplh Park sign The LPGA played from 1981 to 2004 many years at the Randolph Park facility here in Tucson. Check out event’s history and winners here. Most years it was played on the North Course but eventually migrated to the Dell Urich (South) Course. Yesterday I walked a lap around the park which brought back many memories. Some good and some not so good. After working off what ever calories it took to complete the 3.5 miles, I immediately put them back on at the In-N-Out across the street. 🙂 Held myself to a double-double only. No shake or fries. I hadn’t had that much meat and cheese in one sitting in awhile. Didn’t sit well but I got over it.

Not far down the street from Randolph sits the Palm Court Inn. Most of the caddies stayed there and even some players until it started going downhill. Eventually only the caddies returned. It was cheap and within walking distance to work.

I worked two off-seasons there with Motorcycle Jim. I was on the front desk and Jim, well, I’m not sure what he did. He was the jack of all trades I believe.

The Inn eventually became a place for the downtrodden and a police substation. I enjoyed the work but it wasn’t all good. A woman was killed there when I was on duty and was found by her sister. Don’t believe they ever discovered who did it.

Only $149 for the week. Make your reservations early.

Palm Court Inn

Let’s take a stroll down Randolph Park’s memory lane:

On the ninth hole, Anne Marie Palli hit a duck with her approach to the green and the ball wound up in the pond (which is now a dry ditch unless it rains). She called for an official and requested a do-over. Sorry Ann Marie, it’s the rub of the green.

The ninth green.

ninth green Randoplh Park Tucson

I witnessed an albatross from Siew-Ai Lim in a Monday qualifier on the South Course. The ball landed on the right fringe, rolled up to the second level of the green, reversed direction and entered via the backdoor of the hole which was on the front level. Unfortunately, she didn’t qualify.

Randolph is where Lori Garbacz had her only win in 1999 during a very tumultuous career. Rick “The Nerd” was on the bag.

After firing me in the parking lot after we finished, Heather Daly-Donofrio gave me a very original reason. Heather said that every time she looked at me, it reminded her of bad golf. 🙂 You can’t argue with that. Good times.

During a practice round with Leslie Spalding on a hole that bordered the street, someone drove bye in a Hummer and she queried “Larry, if you had the money, would you buy a Hummer?” “They’re only twenty bucks.” I replied. It took a second or two but she finally got it. More good times.

Here’s one for the books. It happened in the first morning group on the North Course one year. The final player to tee off (name withheld for good reason) snapped it left over some mounds which was close to the OB. She sprinted off the tee and everyone thought she just wanted to find her ball in case she had to go back. Not quite. A lone photographer witnessed her trying to kick it back in play multiple times. He relayed his observation to one of the caddies and added that he wished he had his camera ready at the time. Would have made a great shot. Obviously, her foot wedge was as bad as her driver. She had to re-tee.

Then there was this:

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