GreatLife Challenge – Round Four

September 7, 2015

Looping for Chie Arimura.

Even though we finished T4, Chie was disappointed. She played good enough to win.

Can’t say I contributed much. Did change her club off the 18th in the first round (it was too much) and was ready with detailed notes of the holes when required. Basically, kept up and shut up. 🙂

We’ve all heard about the parking lot win but a driving range win is more elusive than than golf’s albatross. Rick “The Nerd” missed the cut with Fiona Puyo, took Saturday off (actually he refreshed the fairway paint used for yardages) then picked up Caroline Westrup for the final round. Winner, winner!

The players received a substantial goody bag upon registration this week. Included was what seemed to be a high quality Bluetooth headset. I happened to notice one player immediately scan the barcode, declare the retail price and devise a plan to remove the sticker and bring it to Best Buy for credit. So sad. 😦

Quote of the week: Had a burger and beer with “The Nerd” at Jane’s Little Coalinga Bar and Grill Saturday evening and a guy decided to play some hip-hop on the jukebox. As the barmaid (Jane’s sister) walked bye, she turned to us and said “That’ll make you lose your appetite”. Needless to say, there’s not a whole lot of “brothers” in this neck of the woods.

LPGA Q-School – The Fifth Major

December 1, 2009

Tuesday: Didn’t bother to go out to the course. Better things to do. Heard one guy did get a loop but I wouldn’t have been in the running anyway.

On that other tour: A. J. Eathorne, Stacy Lewis and our own Richard Aloysius Kropf (just looks like an Aloysius to me so I added that) are looping the finals at the PGA Q-School, being held at Bear Lakes C.C., in West Palm Beach. Their players are Kris Blanks, Nick Beach and Sunny Kim respectively.

Mark you calendar: According to the Versus Network schedule, the LPGA caddie episode of Sports Jobs with Junior Seau is due to air on December 30th at 10PM.

CN Canadian Women’s Open-Round Two

September 4, 2009

My player is Stephanie Louden.

Hit it better but still no weekend play for us.

Natures perfect food? Not for out here. Looking for a convenient snack to stash in the golf bag, Steph happened upon a snack bar in the locker room chocked full of an assortment of nuts and seeds. It seemed the perfect substitute for the usual sugar laden cereal bars but closer scrutiny found it not as desirable as first thought. Hemp seeds were also included and, given the strict drug policy on tour, not a wise choice. They were removed and replaced with something more nutritionally empty.

In case you haven’t heard: The Jamie Farr was signed for another year but with a substantial cut in the purse. Only fifteen more agreements to pen and we’ll be on easy street. 😉

Contemplating a move? Why not Canada eh? Everything is provided by the Government “free of charge” and now they’re even on the the upswing in job growth, albeit part-time. Really not much of a story but hey, I wanted something local.

I’m, so sexy in my … do-rag? Along with the cowboy hats, belts (adorned with humongous buckles) and bandannas were also given to the players. Danielle Downey brought her goodie-bag to the caddie shack for a little fashion show.

rick bandanna

But Rick, can you make a swan out of it?

Gone Fishin’

November 26, 2008

rick_peace_sign Rick treated me to a party boat fishing trip yesterday. Jupiter Inlet was our point of departure and the Blue Heron was our vessel of choice. It was ideal weather to spend a half day trip on the water and would been perfect if only the fish would have cooperated. Took us awhile to find the critters and when we did, it was just a handful. I managed to reel in the first one of the day – a Blue Runner I believe – and added another just before we finished but Rick’s run of luck seemed to have run its course. He was skunked. We also entered the ‘largest catch’ pool and raffle for a free fishing trip. I wasn’t close on the first but snagged the second. Gave it to Rick to be used when his luck returns.


A Ttanic pose by a titanic man.

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