Ricoh British Open – The Finale

August 4, 2013

Congrats to Stacy Lewis and Travis. Is she the only one that can give the Koreans a run?

Finally got to see some of the action this afternoon. Is the 18th hole the best setting in golf or what?

I wished to see a good Scottish blow but Saturday’s was a tad excessive. Unfortunate for the early starters.

” When the seagulls start to walk, then you know its windy !” Says Peter Aliss…

Believe it or not, Sketcher’s paid up. Remember the class action suit against Sketcher’s, way back when, regarding their Shape-Up shoes? I was one of the unfortunate who does. Well, I applied for the refund and recently got check. Not for the full purchase but  enough to buy a tank of gas.

Ricoh British Open – Round Two

August 2, 2013

That’s more like it. Looks like the late groups had to deal with the wind and the wind won.

ESPN2 for all four rounds? Are you kidding me? Inbee is looking to make history with four majors in a row, at The Old Course in St. Andrews no less, and ESPN2 is the best they could come up with? Bush-league!

Tweets: From Beth Ann Baldry: Saw Laura Davies walking up to town. Her 72-76 won’t help her chances for the Solheim, I’m afraid. Or the cut. An era might have ended.

Then there was this:

ESPN the Magazine Body Issue, Carly Booth: LPGA player Carly

Ricoh British Open – Round One

August 1, 2013

The rain didn’t deter low scoring, in fact, probably aided it. Plenty of red on the board. Looks like a low cut. Possibly under par. Maybe the wind will blow tomorrow to add a little spice to the proceedings.

Nicole Castrale fights through hip injury at Women’s British Open


From Beth Ann Baldry – “I can’t expect to not play well this week and then make the team.” – Michelle Wie on the Solheim. She opened with a 74.

The Lew Crew is staying at the Dunvegan this year, where Lorena Ochoa celebrated her 2007 victory here. A Texan and a Scot own the place.

From Sophie Gustafson – Locked out.. Climbed a very sharp iron fence and a 7 foot wall to get to the balcony. Glad I left my window open..

My Nexus 7 has arrived. Charging.

Then there was this:

History in the Making, and in the Dark

Nicklaus’ Korea course to host ’15 Presidents Cup

Charley Hull hoping for Solheim Cup nod – An opening round of +4 doesn’t help.

Ricoh British Open – Wednesday

July 31, 2013



From Beth Ann Baldry – Only two Scots in the field this week @RICOHWomensBrit. At least one of them, @Beany25, has a good chance of winning it.

Weather tomorrow calling for loads of rain. Will likely start in the morning. Winds pick up in the afternoon. May gust to 25 mph

From Natalie Gulbis ‏- What a great course and place to host an Open…I played my first British Open there

Paradise lost: Hawaii sets aside $100,000 to offer its 17,000 homeless people one-way airfare back to their home states

Detroit home priced at $1 sits on the market for 519 days… – Let’s see, a home in Detroit or a McDonald’s hamburger? The burger wins every time.

Then there was this:

Cup concern for Price over injured Oosthuizen

Women’s Return to St. Andrews Special for All Involved

Ricoh British Open – Tuesday

July 30, 2013

The qualifier was held yesterday at Kingsbarns Golf Links and seems it wasn’t much of a test of shot making skills. Looks like it all was decided on the greens as attested by this post from Karen Lunn on Facebook.

“Disappointed not to qualify yesterday, played great. Can’t believe they set the course up that easy for an open qualifier, was nothing more than a putting competition …”

A playoff determined the final entrants. You can read about it here and find the results here. Of course, anyone with a modicum of internet savvy would have found it by themselves.

Tweets from Beth Ann Baldry:

British bookies have Inbee Park at 5 to 1 …

Front of the media room for Inbee Park’s presser. She’s chasing history! Poor turnout.

I was at St. Andrews the last time the Women’s Open was played there and Dina Ammaccapane was my loop. It turned out to be the finest golf experience I’ve ever had.

First, went over early and checked out the town. Absolutely lovely and an overlooked gem of the crown jewels of The Old Course setting. Once my obligatory tourist duties were complete, the work began.

Here are the highlights of a fantastic week: Stayed at The University of St. Andrews adjacent to the 17th green; Monday qualified; was part of the first group for the opening round; hit a ball into the Swilken Burn; another in the gorse; drove a par 4 and had to sink a twelve-footer for par; had a 71 yard putt (yeah, that’s right, the pin was 72 deep). Pretty much experienced everything except hitting one off the road on the 17th.

On top of all that, I discovered Guinness Stout at the Donvegan Hotel which is just a short iron from the R&A Headquarters.

If I had the dough, I would consider retiring to St. Andrews.

DIY done right: Having a ten-year-old vehicle (Mercury Sable) keeps me on my toes fixing the little things that irritate the senses. Today, I finally decided to tackle replacing the plastic trim that covers the A-Pillars which frame the windscreen on each side.

The plastic tabs which secure them had all but disappeared and both pieces leaned inward. Just for fun, I stopped at a Mercury dealer for a bit of replacement part sticker-shock and they didn’t disappoint. Yikes! $90+tax each was even more than I thought and had me looking for an alternative.

The local bone yard (recycling center) was ten miles down the road so that’s where I headed. After paying the $1 entry fee to Barry’s U-Pull-It, the search commenced in the Ford/Mercury section. There wasn’t a Sable in sight but It didn’t take long to find a Taurus with similar trim. A few minutes later the parts were in hand.

Upon check-out, I was hit with the tab. $3.99 each plus tax! All tolled, it was $9.54. Sweeeeet!

My Nexus 7 is on its way. Can’t wait.

Then there was this:

Turner saves best for last, wins Legends Tour’s Swing for the Cure

LPGA Commish: British Win Equals Grand Slam for Park

Solheim Cup teams decided at St. Andrews

Rio Olympic course due to open in 2015

Gary Player warns Rory McIlroy to put golf before love –

Tiger Woods Niece Cheyenne Wants To Be Known For LPGA

Ricoh British Open – Round Three & Four

July 31, 2011

Yani runs away with it.

Disappointing gallery numbers in my opinion. Still empty seats in the grandstand with only a few groups remaining on the course. Read Where is the fan love at Women’s British?

Embarrassed smileMy bad. Caddies do have food in the Caddy Shack, located on the range. Just never made it there myself.

Jmin Kang withdrew due to illness after six holes. Stomach stuff.

Went to the course yesterday for lunch and shop talk. It was down right hot when the sun came out. In the late afternoon, the gang of four (me, Rick, Woody, and Scraper) took the short ride to St. Andrews. The later two did not go to the British in ‘07 so it was a treat for them to see the last couple holes. Took a few pics then strode up the street to the Dunvegan Hotel for dinner. Had the chili nachos and a pint of Guinness. Superb!

More pics on my Picasa album.

A few of the LPGA family was there dining and imbibing just like us but one Canadian looper was in town for a very special reason. He promised his dad that when he passed a way, some of his ashes would mesh with the hollowed grounds of St. Andrews and so, on this day, it was to be. They were cast on the first tee and the Swilken Bridge.


Scraper on Swilken Bridge

Forget Jack and Arnie, Scraper Is “The Man”


A certain player has been battling an ailing knee for awhile but a recent procedure seems to have turned things around. A few injections of Euflexxa has made it solid as a rock.

It’s back to the ICE Palace for me for two weeks.

Then there was this:

Lesser golfers got gongs so why has the establishment snubbed major winner

If you haven’t seen it yet, this may be the best pre-race prayer ever.

Ricoh British Open – Round One

July 28, 2011

My Player is Moira Dunn

Two over for our opening round. Need to get some work done tomorrow.

The weather was perfect for the early groups then the rain moved in. We played the first three in the wet stuff before it quit. The wind blew a little but not like in past years.

Quite a queue when we arrived at Hogan’s Alley (the easily reachable par five sixth).  Two groups playing the hole and two on the tee. When it was our time to bat, there were four waiting behind us which was the rest of the field.

One of the TV crew drove a golf cart right into the burn between seventeen and eighteen. He was looking behind him when he noticed the impending disaster and bailed jut in time.

The compass confusion was on Jeremy. Somehow his magnetic fields were switched.

Haggis (with little brown sauce) and eggs this morning. Quite lovely.

Katie Future’s mom is staying at the Abertay and we also have the honor of being in the presence of Yani’s looper Donny. Maybe some of that mojo will rub off.

Had my laundry done at a drop-off service. £9.40 for a small bag. I was told that is inexpensive. Yikes!

Ricoh British Open – Wednesday

July 27, 2011

My Player is Moira Dunn

The tee sheet was filled with fourballs which precluded any type of reasonable pace of play. Chips and putts from every which way was the order of the day. We played eight holes then cut over to thirteen and joined a threesome.

The weather remains unbelievable. Overcast this morning with very light wind then the sun broke out and it was down right balmy. At least for here. Actually put on sunscreen. Wondering what country I’m in. Tomorrow is another story. Rain expected.

I figure the long par three sixteenth will prove to be one of the toughest. 190 to the front edge with no forward tee. The green is 50 yards deep and slopes off on both sides. There is a front shelf but starting at 17 deep, it slopes away and left. Plenty of balls will not find the putting surface. The 18th is another good one.

GhostThe compass Jeremy was using today was not syncing with what is printed in the yardage book. I checked on Google Earth and the book is correct. Scary.

The group we joined had the player who’s caddie refused to be fired yesterday. Wouldn’t you know it, he was there waiting for her when we finished. They conversed but no fireworks ensued. Good thing.

The player with the missing passport planned to have it sent back to her but the delivery service refused when they found out what it was. He hubby had to take it back himself. At least that’s how the story goes. Don’t know for sure.

Thumbs downNever got the promised picture with the Solheim Cup from last week.

Received this note of passing from “Little Rick”. – You might be one of the few remaining caddies or players who remembers Wild Man Steve. He recently passed away in Tampa. He had been caddying at Old Memorial until this year when his health deteriorated. He was one of the originals who came over to the LPGA tour from the PGA tour in the early 70s. I think he was 68.

Then there was this:

LPGA Announces New Major Event and Accolades for Twin Eagles’ Golf Course Architect Steve Smyers

LPGA Qualifying Tournament – Stage I Second Round Leaderboard – Looks like Lexi is gonna breeze.

Ricoh British Open – Tuesday

July 26, 2011

My Player is Moira Dunn

It’s pro-am day. If you’re not in, no playing the course before or after. It was a double-shotgun this year.

I met Moira at the course for breakfast then hit the rock pile. Chipping and putting afterward.

Had fish and chips for dinner at Murrys on Gray Street. Just a short walk into town. Had to at least once. I was low on oil.Open-mouthed smile

SunStruck gold with the weather today. Best I’ve ever seen here. Sunny and a light breeze.

Borrowed £10 from Louie yesterday. Had to add 20p for the vig  when I paid up this morning. There’s a reason he owns half of Deland.Money

Some caddies just won’t take no for an answer. It took one LPGA rookie almost a half an hour to axe her looper today. He kept trying to talk her out of it. Looked like the “It’s not you, it’s me.” episode out of Seinfeld. The dramatics went on and on with her mom paying very close attention. He finally agreed and put the bag up. Heard she’ll be taking a local.

Ran into former LPGA pro Diane Barnard. Worked for her once many moons ago in St. Louis. She’s now working with the LET Access Series which is the counterpart of the Futures Tour. Still looks great.

CameraAlso saw Stephanie Croce. Yes “Little Rick”, your hello was passed on. The Nerd will try and take her pic and send along.

Another former LPGA pro, who grew up just around the corner from the Carnoustie Course, is looping this week. Kathryn Imrie is toting the sack for Jenny Shin.

This travel-woe-trifecta may take the prize. One of the caddies had a scheduled pick-up from tournament transportation in Evian on Monday morning to catch his flight in Geneva. They whiffed the pick-up so he missed his flight. Of course, his connection was toast also so a new ticket had to be purchased. He then missed the last train to Carnoustie and had to pony-up $250 for a taxi! Besides all the lost time, it cost him a cool grand for the extra arrangements.

I finally got some sleep last night but still a little groggy. Maybe one more day. I’ll try counting someBlack SheepBlack SheepBlack Sheep

Then there was this:

Pickerell qualifies for LPGA tourney

Ccommish Mike Whan took a long journey to tour’s fifth major

Ricoh British Open – Monday

July 25, 2011

My Player is Moira Dunn

Our EasyJet flight out of Geneva to Liverpool was delayed and we almost didn’t get to the Hertz counter in time before it shutdown for the night At the stroke of midnight, our awaiting chariot would have morphed into a pumpkin but we made in by fifteen minutes. Spared us from spending the night there and starting in the morn.

Rick had secured the rental and was comfortable with driving on the left side of the road. He had previous experience with varying degrees of success. Julieta’s gps was a godsend. I got to sleep instead of navigating via the turn-by-turn instructions printed from Google maps but for Rick, it was balls-to-the-wall driving. Making very good time, he did not squander the opportunity to fit in a couple coffee breaks and a snore-fest at one of the numerous rest areas. I awoke now and then by the thumping noise tires on the rumble strips, warning of impending departure from the paved surface, but so did Rick. He kept it on the fairway most of the trip.

We arrived at the Abertay Guest House around 7 AM just in time for Kate (our host along with her husband Karl) to make us our first, and probably my last, full Scottish breakfast of the week. Ham, sausages, blood pudding, egg, hash browns, mushrooms, baked beans and tomato! Tomorrow, it’ll be just coffee.

The Abertay is about fifteen minutes, without traffic, from Carnoustie and on the bus line. May come in handy if I can’t get a ride from Rick. The tournament does not have enough cars to make caddie runs.

Beat Moira to the course and we touched ‘em all with no one pushing us. The clubs had not yet arrived via the lorry and the tee sheet was ominously empty. Time for plenty of chipping, putting and course strategy planning. Of course, when the wind changes direction and starts to gale, you start all over. I hit the wall on the twelfth tee. Sleep depravation got the best of me. My legs turned rubbery and I started to babble. Almost tripped over the tee marker.

Continuous travel woes are plaguing the tour. The luggage truck arrived earlier than promised but it didn’t help one player who used the transport for her bags and clubs. Forgot she packed her passport in one of the pieces and can’t get out of France until obtaining a replacement. Also, Mariajo Uribe was planning to play in the Monday qualifier but her agent applied for her visa starting Monday instead of Sunday. She too couldn’t leave and get there in time. Went home instead. That’s an expensive mistake.

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