Solheim To Iowa

September 21, 2013

Des Moines gets 2017 Solheim Cup – The big one comes to America’s heartland.

More from the Des Moines Register – Des Moines lands latest big event: The Solheim Cup

Then there was this:

LPGA’s Symetra Tour adds Patty Berg event in Fort Myers in 2014

Tiger cites fatigue after spectacular late collapse

Dottie’s Fix

August 21, 2013

Pepper weighs-in on the Solheim Cup but after reading the following article, I fail to see the point she’s trying to make. What am I missing? SOLHEIM CUP NEEDS FIXING

Finished viewing the UK’s version of House of Cards. It was highlighted with a very unexpected ending. Worth a view.

Just received the rooCASE for my Nexus 7. Can’t believe I only paid $0.01 for it. That’s right . One lousy cent. I did have to pony-up for shipping since it wasn’t under Amazon Prime but it was no more than usual for something like this. $4.98 in fact.

The case has a faux leather finish, activates the start screen when opened and deactivates when closed and displays the nexus in landscape or portrait mode. It even came with a stylus pen for drawing. What more could I ask for one tenth of a dime.

Solheim Summary

August 19, 2013

“The world has caught up and passed (us),” Pepper said. “Heart-breaking, absolutely heart-breaking,” Wie said. “It’s massive for women’s golf,” said Suzann Pettersen. “We took it to them and they couldn’t answer.”

Those are just a few of some very poignant quotes from the following article.

Youth is served, as Europe romps past U.S. at Solheim Cup

Now the question is; Where does that leave the Americans?


Julie Williams – Charley Hull, Euro Solheim Cup sensation, is exempt through the second stage of LPGA Q-School. She turns 18 in March, got a pass from LPGA

Beth Ann Baldry ‏- Dottie Pepper sums up the week for the Americans: “They slammed the door on Nos. 15-18. We just didn’t finish.”

Sophie Gustafson The US crowd on the first tee were chanting “Meena Lee”. I was thinking, she’s not playing.. Later realized it was “We Believe…

Liselotte Neumann ‏- Can let go of the trophy! Thank you to my amazing European Team! They made me so proud!@SolheimCupEuro

Then there was this:

Michigan’s Sweetgrass Golf Club extends deal with LPGA Symetra

Solheim Cup deemed a success; LPGA officials say they want to return

Solheim Finale

August 18, 2013

… and quite an embarrassing finale it was. US drubbed 18-10.

A change of war paint may be in order in the next go-around.

Euro Thrash!

Europe’s rout of U.S. could foreshadow future

Whole Lotta Love


From yesterday:

Michelle WieFeel absolutely horrible about running off the green on 16. Got caught up in the moment and was so tired that I forgot what was happening.

Beth Ann Baldry ‏- Fitting ending to Europe’s day. The Americans have been outplayed from the start.

From today:

“I’m not going to die if I hit a bad shot. Just hit it, find it and hit it again.” – Charley Hull

Brittany Lang beats Azahara Munoz, 2 and 1. She’s 3-1-0 this week. Huge week for the Texan. Impressive showing.

If this comes down to Hedwall it’s only fitting. She’s been the undisputed MVP of this event.

Carlota Ciganda is the most talented Spaniard out there. She has shown glimpses of it the last two days. Just needs more time.

Then there was this:

Paulina Gretzky Engaged to Golfer Dustin Johnson

Howell III disqualified for driver

PGA Tour mulling takeover of European Tour, reports say – ESPN

European Tour denies PGA Tour takeover

Solheim Day Two

August 17, 2013

The first shot I saw was the ace by Nordqvist. Not much after that. Some folks have to work. Here’s the video.

Dave asked – “Did you notice that Nordqvist has Gillie, who was fired by Korda at the Open, on her bag?”  They played together this morning.

Tweets: From Beth Ann Baldry

Dude up in a tree watching the action on No. 11. It’s a bad spectating course, but that’s extreme!

Lexi and Charley carrying their elder partners. A good kind of drama.

So Caroline Hedwall will be the only player who goes all five matches on both teams. I would’ve played @ANordqvist too.

No one has ever won 5 points in a Solheim Cup. Could Caroline Hedwall be the first?

Why did Meg split up Korda/Pressel and Wie/Kerr?

Luke Donald – The time these rulings are taking is a joke – if the players can’t agree between themselves then the referees need to make the call.

Jason Dufner Only thing missing is some USA ribbon or face paint,what u think about it for Pres Cup?Guys won’t bust on u too much

Solheim Day One

August 17, 2013

I only happened to see a few minutes of the coverage via the TV in the pro shop. Some good pins on the final holes.

Looked like a vey interesting day according to this recap from Randell Mell of The Golf Channel. Plenty of drama.

Lewis furious over ruling – How can they screw up something so fundamental? The rules official really blew that one but why didn’t the players and caddies know it either? Why not demand they look it up in the rule book? Or did they?

Tweets:  From Beth Ann Baldry

“Bill Russell used to throw up before every game.” – Meg Mallon on Jessica Korda, who lost her breakfast on the first hole

Meg Mallon’s biggest beef with the ruling on 15 was how long it took. “If you know anything about sports, momentum is everything.”

Lewis said she was “very frustrated” by the ruling on 15 and felt a lot of things went wrong. She left course with more ?s than answers.

“She can’t be so mechanical in a Solheim Cup. She has to make birdies.” – B.J. Wie on why his daughter finds success in these events.

We’d like to bring you quotes from the European team, but the team bus managed to leave before anyone came into the press room.

I thoroughly enjoyed the American adaptation of House of Cards on Netflix so I decided see what the original British version had to offer. Jolly good stuff.

Even though articles regarding the Nexus 7 GPS problem stated Google was aware and working on it, I decide to give them a ring and report it anyway. Good thing. The geek on the other side of the line new nothing about it but walked me through a procedure he thought would provide a fix.

First, I had to access a special menu by pressing the power and volume buttons at the same time. Next was to navigate to ‘delete cache’ with the volume button and select it with the power button. I then rebooted. If that didn’t work a factory reset was suggested.

So far it looks like deleting the cache did the trick. It’s been working flawlessly. I used the app GPS Copilot going to work and back and it has worked flawlessly. We’ll see what happens in the long run.

Good Question

August 16, 2013

Dave Andrews posted this query on Facebook. – How valid does the Solheim Cup remain in light of the growing dominance of Asian players in women’s golf?

My view is that it may become increasingly irrelevant. It may take awhile though. Look how far down the money list some of the American team is. If the Asian dominance continues to advance, the point system for the Solheim may have to be adjusted again to field a team in the future.

Should the LPGA go all in with the Asians? Is it time to put the Seoul in Solheim? Won’t happen. They’ll have their chance to showcase their talent at the  International Crown event next year.

Tweets: “We still don’t know what it takes because we haven’t done it before.” – Pettersen on Europeans winning for first time on U.S. soil

Record single day merchandise sales for a women’s golf event. – Beth Ann Baldry

Cool view, even if loads are American! My view as I walked in to the opening cermony!@ColoradoGC – Beth Ann Baldry

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