Here Comes The Gov.

October 7, 2013

The Governor’s Cup was played here today and Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant was hosting this charity event. He didn’t play but went around the course and putted with each group.

He had a security detail but drove in himself with a classic ride. It was 55 Chevy Bell Air Nomad which he has owned for decades

govenor's car


According to a tweet from Beth Ann Baldry, Stacy Lewis is no longer twittering. Guess she took some flack from her last few tweets. Read all about it here.

华彬LPGA中国精英赛 Finale

October 6, 2013

“Shanshan Feng eagled the last hole (par 5) to beat Stacy Lewis by 1 shot today in the LPGA event in China. They were 26 and 25 under par respectively for the four days.

Feng wins inaugural LPGA event at home

Shanshan Feng’s 18th-hole eagle gives her 1-stroke win over Stacy

Stacy posted on Twitter this morning that she was not happy with the fans in China, saying they cheered when she missed putts.”

Stacy Lewis ‏@Stacy_LewisBetween all the cameras and cheering when I missed putts. It was just really hard to have fun out there. On to the next…

The majority of the tee sheet was blocked for practice rounds for tomorrow’s Governor’s Cup but remnants of Karen put the kibosh on those plans. It didn’t clear till after two.

Add gatekeeper to my repertoire here at Fallen Oak. The weather wrecks havoc – only too often – on our remote security system outside the front entrance and today was no exception. Inability to hear who was knocking at the door turns into a denial of service so I had to man the gate and relay the info by radio. Four hours of that was culminated by lunch and a trip home.

LPGA Q-School – The Fifth Major

December 1, 2009

Tuesday: Didn’t bother to go out to the course. Better things to do. Heard one guy did get a loop but I wouldn’t have been in the running anyway.

On that other tour: A. J. Eathorne, Stacy Lewis and our own Richard Aloysius Kropf (just looks like an Aloysius to me so I added that) are looping the finals at the PGA Q-School, being held at Bear Lakes C.C., in West Palm Beach. Their players are Kris Blanks, Nick Beach and Sunny Kim respectively.

Mark you calendar: According to the Versus Network schedule, the LPGA caddie episode of Sports Jobs with Junior Seau is due to air on December 30th at 10PM.

LPGA Tour Championship Round Two

November 20, 2009

My player is Stephanie Louden

For once, the predicted “hoser” was right on the money  but play was only delayed til 1:00 PM. Our original time was 12:30 so we never teed it up.

Special guest: Had one during our practice round on Tuesday. If you haven’t seen this article on, it’s worth a look.

Sage advice: During play that day, Stacy Lewis mentioned that she and a few others were scheduled to take some roping and cow milking lessons. My only advice was on the latter. “Just make sure it’s a cow and not a bull.”

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