Super Dud

February 3, 2014

Not much “super” about it. Even the commercials sucked.

I didn’t have a dog in this fight until minutes before game time. But things changed and I was hoping for a blowout with Seattle on top. Dreams do come true occasionally.

The best part of the entire spectacle in my opinion was Joe Namath’s premature coin toss and the ref’s spontaneous catch. Payton Manning could only dream of having completions so clean.

First signs of preparation for the 2014 MGRC at Fallen Oak showed today. The tournament set-up golf carts arrived and the golf operation trailers will pull in on Friday.

Then there was this:

PHL women’s team has ‘great potential’ – Ochoa

Funeral Set For LPGA Golfer Killed In Crash

Juli Inkster Committed to Keeping LPGA in Bay Area

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