Desert Warfare?

March 1, 2012

Looks like the animosity between the Grasshopper Tour supporters and The Cactus Tour is heating up like the relentless Phoenix sun. According to my sources, two LPGA players, who promote the upstart tour, were denied entry to a Cactus Tour event even though spots were still available. The event in question is next week and being held at Wildfire Golf Club.

I hope this doesn’t get too ugly. Both sides seem like good people.

Then there was this:

LPGA Legends Coming to Roswell

Annika to bring Alice Cooper, Seinfeld star and Fresh Prince star to inaugural

Jacksonville Wealth Management Company signs sponsorship deal with Amelia Lewis

World ladies championship tees off with grand opening

Blowing in the wind? Trump threatens to ditch $1B Scottish golf resort –

A Stink In The Air?

January 30, 2012

Looks like there’s a brouhaha erupting regarding the new ladies mini-tour started by one of my former bosses (oh, there’s been so many), Dina Ammaccapane. Known as The Grasshopper Tour, it competes directly with The Cactus Tour which has been around for six years and run by Mike Brown. The rub is that Dina and many of her friends played on The Cactus Tour and is now in direct competition with it.

I don’t know all the ins and outs and I’m not taking sides. One part of me says that competition is good. The other part says that loyalty trumps profit. Either way, I send out thanks for the extra fodder for my blog. Pickins have been slim lately. It will be interesting though to see which tour the players pick.

Malinda Johnson, a former LPGA player, has taken umbrage with the start-up tour and posted this critique on their Facebook page. Here is what she wrote and the banter that followed.

Then there was this:

Snedeker wins playoff after Stanley meltdown – Not exactly a meltdown. It wasn’t like he laid the sod over his approach shot to eighteen.

Donald Trump looks to spend eternity in NJ as real estate mogul seeks private – People are dying to join.

Laura Davies tips golf prodigy Lydia Ko to turn professional at 16

Pepper adds author to her life list

The magic formula

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