Gone Fishin’

November 26, 2008

rick_peace_sign Rick treated me to a party boat fishing trip yesterday. Jupiter Inlet was our point of departure and the Blue Heron was our vessel of choice. It was ideal weather to spend a half day trip on the water and would been perfect if only the fish would have cooperated. Took us awhile to find the critters and when we did, it was just a handful. I managed to reel in the first one of the day – a Blue Runner I believe – and added another just before we finished but Rick’s run of luck seemed to have run its course. He was skunked. We also entered the ‘largest catch’ pool and raffle for a free fishing trip. I wasn’t close on the first but snagged the second. Gave it to Rick to be used when his luck returns.


A Ttanic pose by a titanic man.

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