Yoopers and Trolls

June 23, 2015

A sign on the marquee of a local business stating they had the best yooper bar in town had me wondering what a yooper was exactly. While sitting in the casino, one of the players overheard our conversation regarding the subject and added some clarification. Being from Michigan herself, she explained that Michiganders where divided into two distinct groups. The upper peninsula “yoopers” and lower peninsula trolls. They’re referred to as trolls because they live under (south of) the Mackinaw Bridge that separates the two geographical areas. By the way, Britney is a troll.

Britney had an eighteen hole playing lesson with her coach so I basically had the day off, so to speak. I still had to walk the course (no cart this time) but I did catch up with them on the thirteenth hole. Why I don’t know. I wasn’t needed.

Looks like we may have another drivable par four on the final day. The fourteenth has two white lines (they indicate which tee is to be used for the tournament) and may be reached downwind from the up tee.

Every where you go it seems that background music seems to be the norm. Many restaurants, grocery stores and business in general seem to have the need to pollute the airways with the drone of tunes past and present. The one sanctuary of solitude I look forward to is the golf course. A place where man can be alone with one’s thoughts and commune with nature, but not out here.

Background music has found its way onto the hallowed links during the practice round. Last week from a smart phone (which was tinny and muffled) and today from a mini-boom box. Arrrgh!

Back in March I decided to replace my ancient Tempur-Pedic car seat cushion with something more substantial. It had long given up the ghost and turned into a compressed seat cover after I plopped my significant frame upon it. After scanning the options on Amazon, I opted for the CONFORMAX Anywhere, Anytime Gel Car/Truck Seat Cushion and what a welcomed addition to life on the road it has been.

It’s a combination of foam and gel which tops the scale at an impressive seven pounds! I didn’t realize it’s full potential while traveling to and from work in Mississippi but the long drives between tour stops has shown its value. If you’re thinking of ordering one be warned. It does add about two inches to the seat height so if your head room is tight now, forget it. You also have to measure the seat front to back to get the correct size. Coming in at around a hundred bucks, it may seem overpriced but not to me. Worth every cent and my butt thanks you.

Then there was this:

2015 ESPN the Magazine Body Issue: LPGA pro Sadena Parks poses nude

Hall of Famer Pak WDs from U.S. Women’s Open


Sophie Gustafson will step aside as a player to become a caddie, at least temporarily

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