Leslie Is In The Open… Maybe

April 24, 2019

Leslie shot +1 in the Senior Women’s Open Qualifier and it was evident to us early on, that a playoff was in the wings. We were right.

Thirty-seven players teed it up for a generous eight spots and now, one more layer had to be eliminated. Six hopefuls for five spots went into extra innings. Good odds without a doubt.

We started on ten and Leslie’s approach was a bit thin and finished a pace or two short of the green. But the pin was only eight on and considering the severity of the green, it was a good leave. For the first time all day, by her own admission, Leslie was at peace and it showed. She rattled the stick dead center and found the bottom of the cup for birdie! Leslie made it to  The US Women’s Senior Open. Bravo!

There is one caveat though. The NCAA Championship is the same week as the Open. So, if her team qualifies, she obviously goes with the team.

Here are the scores. There may be a delay with our results.

Sandra Palmer and Susie Berning were there at the end and Sandra (aka Miss P) came out to watch the playoff.

Mark_Sandra Palmer and Larry

Mark Scott looped for Lisa DePaulo and she birdied the next hole to qualify. Since Leslie will not know if she’ll be playing until the eighth of May, I’ll be looping for Lisa at The Open.

When you think you’ve seen it all, well you know the rest.

During our practice round on Monday, we were accompanied by Leslie’s boyfriend Larry. Larry played golf but was unfamiliar with the minutia of tournament golf and the preparation there of.

On our third hole, Leslie asked him to ‘make a hole’. It refers to placing something on the green to putt to but instead of dropping a pencil or some other object, he pulls out a blue magic marker and draws a hole on the green! We couldn’t contain ourselves. That was a good laugh.

If he was a rookie caddie, I wonder what his nickname would be?

More hiking the last few days and it’s evident the super bloom is all but over. What was green is now brown and the death knell for the ubiquitous flowers has tolled.

Here’s one way to learn the rules of golf on the LPGA. Will free beer really accentuate one’s memory?


LPGA Rules Official Pete Lis, has accepted an officiating position with the Web.com Tour.  Bye-bye Pete.

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