Wayback Machine – 1977 – Part 2

August 8, 2014

Yesterday’s mystery player was identified as Marlene Floyd but I have another one for you.



Who dat?

Carole Jo Skala


Jan Stephenson interviewed

Jan Stephenson


Murle Breer

Murle Breer


Catherine Duggan

The Bag Tells All


Roberta Speer

Roberta Speer


Mary Bryan 1

Mary Bryan

Then there was this:

Eighth annual Wendy’s Charity Challenge featuring former LPGA Tour stars returning to Jackson

Nancy Lopez is torn about LPGA’s departure from Rochester

Wie withdraws from LPGA Classic

Wayback Machine – 1977 – Wheeling Feeling

August 7, 2014

After years of taking photo slides of days gone bye and now not being able to view them after ridding myself of the screen and projector, I decided to convert them to a digital format via the Wolverine F2D 20-Super Film to Digital Converter.

It does a decent job but the best part was revisiting times gone by. One was my visit to Wheeling WV in ‘77 for the LPGA Wheeling Classic held on the Speidel Golf Club at Olgebay Park Resort.

This was the last year of civilian life for me before my caddie career took hold. But that’s for a different time. For now, it’s worth a look back to those early years. The color has faded so I made some B&W but the content is what counts.


Jane Block and Jan Ferraris

  Jane Blalock and Jan Ferraris


Laura Baugh and Bad Luck Chuck

Laura Baugh and “Bad Luck” Chuck


Debbie Miesterlin and Jesse Harris

Is this Jesse with Debbie Meisterlin?


Unknown LPGA player

No idea. Does anyone know?

Marlene Floyd

Meijer Classic notes: Someone mentioned that this driving range makes the one at Corning look big. Players may go to a different golf course to warm up. Only holes 9 and 18 are the same as members play. 1 through 8 are switched with 10 through 17.

The Corning range was so small a waiting list was eventually created as in a restaurant. I believe this was the place where JoAnne Carner, looking for a place to warm up for the pro-am, approached a rookie on the range and asked if she was in the pro-am. After receiving a negative reply, JoAnne made it clear who gets priority in situations like these. “You’re in my spot.” she said.

JoAnne was the best.

Also, this is another field that failed to fill. I guess there are just too many events.

Then there was this:

LPGA looking for caddies for Pro-Am events

LPGA legends fondly recall Rochester

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