About Me

My name is Larry Smich.

I have caddied on the LPGA. Tour since 1977. Before joining the tour I worked for American Greetings Corp. in Cleveland OH. I was employed there for seven years as a computer operator and eventually became shift leader.

I have three wins on tour. Two with Donna White, one in 1982 and the second in 1985. The last in 1999 with Mi-Hyun Kim.

How did I decide to come out on tour you ask? Even if you haven’t, I’m going to tell you anyway.

Well, it was a while ago but I still remember as if it was yesterday. My job at American Greetings, as a computer operator, was at a standstill. I was trying to gravitate to programming but found the path strewn with political roadblocks. I decided it was time for a major change in my life. The timing was perfect. The lease on my apartment was about to expire. I had no spouse or girlfriend. I just knew it was time to go. I purchased a 23-foot motor home and headed for San Diego. Why San Diego? It seemed like a great place to live. Close to the ocean, mountains and all the attractions in the Southwest. At the time Southern California was the place to be. My fellow workers could not believe I would just pack up and go without first securing employment. The uncertainty of what lies ahead was unthinkable to them. Most had families, so I could understand their apprehension. If I was married I’m sure things would have been different.

I did not plan to be a caddie. I did play golf three times a week but that had no influence on my decision. I have never club caddied. That is the way some people get their start on tour. They caddie at a local club for a while and when the tour comes to town, get a job, and eventually stick with it. I was a spectator at a few LPGA events over the past years but the thought of becoming a caddie never entered my mind.

I took my time crossing the country. Visiting places you only see on TV. The best was the Grand Canyon. If you haven’t been there you’re missing a true natural wonder. I spent a few months in San Diego until I noticed that the LPGA. was coming to Rancho Bernardo, just north of San Diego. I was getting bored not working so I signed up as a local caddie. You really don’t have to be local, that’s what they call you if you’re not a regular. The players that don’t bring their own caddie take a local. I was assigned Gloria Ehret. The week went well, even though I was quite lost concerning my caddie duties. We didn’t make the cut but I was hooked. Something about this job just draws you in. I’ve been on tour ever since.

Now we’re in the information age. Everyone seems to have a PC, so I decided to share my experiences and give “a caddie’s eye view” of the tour. Hope you enjoy my site and if the tour ever comes to your town stop by and say hello. I’ll be one of those guys with a sack on my back.


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