Forsyth Classic – Round 3

June 18, 2018

My player is Kristy McPherson.

A bogey-free six under finished off the week. Finished T3!

The highlight was a great up and down from long left on eighteen (the result of a 115-yard shot going 135 from a flyer lie) to a tucked pin. Almost holed it.

After a quick lunch, I was off to the next event in the upper peninsula (that’s Michigan and home of the indigenous Yooper). Followed by a quick lunch of a hotdog, veggie pizza and macaroni salad in player hospitality, I was off.

I had a reservation at the Country Hearth Inn in Escanaba, which didn’t start until Monday, but after calling, they agreed to move it up a day. Perfect! The room was secured and the only piece of the puzzle remaining was the 474-mile drive.

The trip was fairly uneventful until the last forty miles. A wicked thunderstorm was pounding the area. The wipers were on high and the grip on the steering wheel tighter than usual. It was difficult to see the lane lines but then I remembered I had fog lights. What a difference it made.

Luckily, I was in the northbound lane as the southbound had a few small trees lying in the roadway.

I arrived just before eleven. It was an eight-hour trip and my butt never left the driver’s seat. Not one break and I really didn’t need one.

One thing though, I made it all the way on one tank of gas. I should have stopped in Marinette to fill up (40 cents a gallon cheaper) but “I was on a mission, from god”.

Personally, I think the hullabaloo over Phil stopping the ball is way overblown. Golf is a game, not a religion. Treating it as such is the real sacrilege.


Forsyth Classic – Round 2

June 16, 2018

My player is Kristy McPherson.

-3 today. We be playin’ mañana.

The heat index reached 100 yesterday so caddie bibs were optional. I kept mine on. Like the pockets. This morning we got got the word that the bibs were no longer mandatory the rest of the week. Still wore it.

Heard a couple caddies went down from the heat yesterday. Maybe “Businessman Bill” was one of them.

Then there was this:

Fox ‘sincerely apologizes’ for airing rough sex talk during US Open

Forsyth Classic – Round 1

June 15, 2018

My player is Kristy McPherson.

One under today but everyone was going lower. Need to bring it tomorrow.

The duo of Doris Chen and “Businessman Bill” did not seem to fair well today. Saw her pushing a trolley on the back nine.

Forsyth Classic – Thursday

June 14, 2018

My player is Kristy McPherson.

The chance of snagging a loop was minimal so the plan was to watch The Open all week. I didn’t even go to the course today. Then I got the call (actually a text). Kristy’s looper couldn’t make it and I had a job. I’ll be on her bag next week also.

The duo to watch this week is Doris Chen with “Businessman Bill” on the bag. He’s visiting from the PGA Tour.

We don’t get FS1 at our hotel but that didn’t shut us out of viewing The Open. I hooked up my PC to the TV and streamed the USGA coverage then Tom logged in to DirecTV Now for the FS1 feed. Perfect!

Then there was this:

PGA of America pres arrested, charged with DUI

Forsyth Classic–Tuesday

June 12, 2018

Worked nine holes for Doris Chen.

At the US Senior Women’s Open Qualifier in Armonk NY, the second group of Tish Certo and Wendy Modic made a wrong turn (actually didn’t follow the cart path) and went from the 11th green to the 15th and teed off. DOH! What to do? Add two, walk across the street, play the correct tee.

Maggie Will was medalist by three shots.

The caddie shack here in Decatur is teeming with some of the best local loopers on tour. Very popular with the ladies.

Decatur caddie shack

Trish Johnson wins LPGA Legends event by 5 shots at White Horse Golf Club Looks like former tour caddie Morgan Wilson was on the bag.Morgan and Trish Johnson

Four Winds Invitational – Round 3

June 11, 2018

My player is Min Lee.

While our two playing partners were lighting it up early, we faltered and were two over after eight holes. Then we went on a mini streak. Birdied nine, ten, and eagled eleven. Added one more on sixteen and finished –8 and tied for seventh.

Played with the eventual winner, Maia Schechter. The girl could do no wrong. When she wasn’t stiffing her approach shots, she was making clutch putts for saves with her magic wand. I was impressed.

Staying with Tom Borwick this week at the Econo Lodge. Nice digs with a full compliment of breakfast choices. The word is, there is even some free eats for dinner from 5-7.

Both of us are looking for a loop. Then again, watching The Open is always an option.

Four Winds Invitational – Round 2

June 9, 2018

My player is Min Lee.

-2 today. Moved up the ladder a bit.

Happy birthday to me. They’re starting to add up. Smile

Min’s birthday gift was to shoot my age or under. Just missed it.

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