The Road To Nowhere?

September 19, 2016

Yesterday, our stint in the Western Kansas Correctional Facility for Wayward Loopers (also know as Garden City) came to a a merciful end. Two weeks there was like doing time, I assume.🙂

But the boredom is far from over. With another week off (and maybe two if I don’t get a bag for El Darado) my roommate Tom and I had a choice to make. So he headed west to California and I east. I got as far as Oklahoma City and will be here for a while. Maybe a good time to check out what’s up at the movies.

I’m holed up on the southeast side of town down the road from Tinker Air force Base. Good room, OK TV but spotty internet. I wound up paying the extra $20 for the “premium” service but it still sucks. The good thing is, the charge hasn’t gone through and I’m not complaining unless it does.

The view on the way to Dodge, not getting out of it.🙂

road to Dodge

Ever since I had that brake work done at Meineke in Lenexa KS, the pedal didn’t seem right. Too soft at times and had to pump it every so often. Took it to one of their local franchises to have it checked and the diagnosis seemed ludicrous. The tech didn’t think that what was in the reservoir was brake fluid. Smelled like Windex to him! No way could someone make that mistake. They flushed it again for free of course. My take is that there was air trapped in the lines.

Then there was this:

Four-stroke penalty leaves Nanna Koerstz Madsen on wrong side of Evian cutline – Didn’t know they changed the rule from a DQ to two strokes. Good move. Also, I don’t understand why an infraction of the rules isn’t called on the spot but deferred to a later time. See something, say something.

I’ve Got The Word Out

September 12, 2016

Got two possibilities of a bag through the caddie grapevine. We’ll see what happens.

Given the last minute change of venues, there’s public play at Buffalo Dunes the next two days and the time Symetra players are allowed on the course is limited. In fact, there was a high school tournament this afternoon.

One of the teams was from Liberal Kansas about seventy miles away. They pulled up towing a trailer and I was surprised to see what their team name was.

You don’t see these two words together much, do you?

Liberal Redskins

Spotted this slippery booby-trap last week. Wonder if anyone “fell” for it?🙂

bannana peel in cart

The weather is going to take a turn starting tomorrow. A cold front is moving in so hot and windy will change to to cold, rainy and windy. Time to break out the woolies.😦

Then there was this:

A war with the Defense Department over a hidden Washington golf course

Garden City Classic 2016 – Round 1 and 2

September 10, 2016

My player is Madeleine Sheils.

Missed again. +5 and +4.

Kassandra Rivera was in our group. It was her first Symetra event and it showed. When she was looking for a yardage mark on the par five 13th during the first round, I pointed out the 50 painted on the fairway. After hitting the shot, which came up quite short of the hole, she came over and asked “Was that to the middle?’’ Of course it wasn’t. The paint is always to the front of the green.

Tall fescue line many of the fairways and our group saw more than our share yesterday. Maddie lost a ball on three. Ran out the full five minutes looking for it. Seconds after the limit was reached, it was found. Had to re-tee.

Kassandra hit one left on nine into the gunge and the provisional way right into the same stuff. We couldn’t find either one. Think that put a dent in the pace of play?

We had a two and a half hour delay due to fog for round 2. I hung around the range while Maddie played the card game Spoons with her buds.

FLASH! We were supposed to play next week’s event right down the road at Southwind Country Club but due to the poor conditions caused by a fungus, we will play at Buffalo Dunes again. The good thing is, we end on Saturday. This is like the Symetra Tour’s version of the movie Groundhog Day.

Don’t have to buy a yardage book for next week but I assume “Kenny The Wizard” made one for Southwind. He’s going to take a hit in the pocket book for sure. Since he is the official yardage book maker of the Symetra Tour, I hope some sort of compensation is offered.

Maddie decided to take the next two events off so I’ll be looking for a bag.

Many players are staying at hotels these two weeks. Heard access to private housing was limited to support the local economy.

You never know who you might run into on the road. Tom and I were having coffee in the breakfast area of our motel when we struck up a conversation with a man regarding the upcoming college football game being held today at Bristol Motor Speedway.

The subject eventually turned to pro ball and we found out he’s a good friend of John Elway and played high school ball against Jim McMahon. Supposedly, he had a record seven interceptions in one game against Jim. Didn’t seem he was smoking crack at the time to me so I’ll take him at his word.🙂

Then there was this:

Phil Mickelson is lobbying to play with Tiger Woods at the Safeway Open

Former LPGA standout picking up pickleball

Sara Anne McGetrick Named WCU Women’s Golf Coach

Alex’s Grimes wins coveted LPGA T&CP National Championship

Jockey escapes serious injury after narrowly avoiding flying golf ball during race at Sandown Park

Outrage as World Dog Show is set to be held in China despite ‘ghastly’ meat trade revelations – We all know what’s going to happen to the losers. Can someone pass the A1 please?

Garden City Classic 2016 – Pro-Am

September 7, 2016

My player is Madeleine Sheils.

We were in the morning wave which was nice and only three amateurs which made it even nicer.

Had lunch with Maddie and a few other players at Traditions. It’s diner with 50s and 60s music and sandwiches named The Big Bopper and The Chubby Checker. Of course, fountain delights like chocolate malteds and root beer floats dot the menu.

“F**k these Kansas winds!” That’s what one player heard over the speaker as her flight had a harrowing landing in Garden City. I’m sure many players will be saying the same thing before the week is over.🙂

One of the trucks hauling the tour’s equipment broke down just west of Lincoln Nebraska. Took six hours to get a replacement and transfer everything. That had to be fun.

A player staying at our motel decided to hitch a ride to the course yesterday instead of taking her Mercedes. Bad choice. The guy next door to us backed into it and didn’t notice (oh really?). Good thing for security cameras. They had it all. It was just the rear taillight so he wrote a check to cover the damage.

Another 550 Miles Under My Belt

September 5, 2016

What a drive to Garden City. Saw so much effing corn and that was just a fraction of what we produce. Ate one ear for the cause at Popeye’s for dinner. Good eats but too many rowdy kids. Parents let them use the furnishings as if it was a Jungle Jim.

Lunch was another thing altogether. I stopped at McDonald’s in Holdrege Nebraska and order breakfast at around noon. Big mistake. It took forever and the hash browns were left over from the morning. I guess the idea of all day breakfast hasn’t caught on in small town America. Live and learn.

Yesterday was the anniversary of the passing of Jeff Jones (aka Shadow). Click here for his tribute page and leave a message if you wish.

According to a post on Facebook, LPGA caddie Greg Sheridan is battling “The Big C”. Send some prayers his way if you can.

America’s Best Value Inn is our abode for the next two weeks. Nice room, good location and a decent rate but flies camp outside the door and follow us in. Had one in my car driving down. Rather annoying to say the least. I think it’s still in there.

My roommate had a row of shirts hanging neatly on the clothes rack before leaving yesterday. Unfortunately, they were still there when he arrived in Garden City. He thought his bag was a little light but could not connect the dots. But all was not lost. He managed to contact a player that wasn’t driving down until this morning and she’s bringing them.

Looks like it’s going to be a hot week but relief during week two is expected.

I walked the Buffalo Dunes Course this morning. Wind gusting to 30 mph. Not much play. Players were allowed to take buggies which caused confusion among the ranks. That isn’t usually permitted but today was not an official practice round so it was OK.

Maddie said my phone case arrived so I got that goin’ for me. What I haven’t got goin’ for me is the scratchy throat I woke up with. I’ll try to shake it off with vitamins, exercise and a special elixir.🙂

GREATLIFE Challenge 2016 – Round1 and 2

September 3, 2016

My player is Madeleine Sheils.

+6 followed by –1. Missed the weekend by a shot.

It’s on to garden City Kansas for two entire weeks. It’ll be like spending a month there.

GREATLIFE Challenge 2016 – Pro-Am

September 1, 2016

My player is Madeleine Sheils.

Three pros and one am but still took longer than we hoped.

Former NFL quarterback Neil Graff was in our group. He only played a short while and didn’t see much regular season action. Neil did get to start in the very first Seattle Seahawks pre-season game though after they were created by the 1976 expansion draft.

Neil did have a good story on how he became a quarterback. It was in high school and the coach lined up the entire team and asked them to put out their hands. The guy with the biggest mitts got the position. Funny how something that trivial can change one’s life.

Another fact from Neil is that former players of any team in the Super Bowl that year get tickets. Since he was on the roster of the Steelers, Seahawks, Patriots and Packers, he’s received some very handsome perks over the years.

A big shout-out and congratulations to Max Sheils, Maddie’s dad. He carded his first hole in one last week with a five iron from 155 yards.

“The Blueberry” is a Hyundai Elantra GT not an Accent. My apologies if I offended and Accent owners.🙂

Then there was this:

It’s a drone in one! Watch the moment an eight-year-old golfing sensation hits a flying gadget out of the sky

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