Forsyth Classic 2019–Wednesday

June 12, 2019

This is the final year for the Forsyth Classic. Funds were not available to continue from what I hear. This tournament has been a fixture on summer calendar in Decatur for over 30 years.

Since I had to leave Decatur early, I hooked up Min Lee with Jeff DeCoen. They were in today’s pro-am and were short two amateurs so Jeff got to play.

A new tournament scheduled for Janesville Wi was short lived. It has officially been canceled. C’est la vie.

This is a good read. Hiked past Hope’s place many times the last two winters.

Bob Hope house in Palm Springs, long an architectural footnote, approaches masterpiece status

Then there was this:

LPGA partners with Genius to implement betting integrity programme


Four Winds Invitational – 2019 Round 3

June 9, 2019

My player is Panitta Yusabai.

It was déjà vu all over again. The same score has us finishing three over for the event.

Happy 70th birthday to me! Feel better now than when I was 68 Smile

During round one, the field staff had a hole change notification on the ninth tee. Unfortunately, it was left over from the pro-am. Oops!

One picture is worth a thousand words or a couple thousand dollars. I’ll take the latter.

Me and Min Lee after the win in Pottstown 2019 cropped

It was a KFC moment or Popeyes if you prefer.

I had a loop for Decatur next week but can’t do it. Have to be at the KPMG on Sunday for a practice round. Still going there but I’ll be watching the U.S. Open instead.

Four Winds Invitational 2019 Round 2

June 8, 2019

My player is Panitta Yusabai.

Another day like yesterday but closer to the fairway this time. Smile

Symetra rules official Jane Reynolds (aka JR), is retiring after the Island Resort Championship held in Harris MI. Good luck JR and Godspeed.

The weather is not promising tomorrow. Could be a two-round event.

Four Winds Invitational 2019–Round 1

June 7, 2019

My player is Panitta Yusabai.

We played “Joan Joyce golf” and finished one over. For those who are unfamiliar with Joan, a fairway was a seldom visit.

Four Winds Invitational 2019–Thursday

June 6, 2019

My player is Panitta Yusabai.

Picked up Panitta through the caddie network. Played nine this morning. A 10am pro-am precluded any more golf. Walked the other nine when we finished.

Neil Carter is here starting a four week run with Elin Arvidsson and Upstate Jay grabbed Alexis Belton after being unceremoniously let go by Maude-Aimee Leblanc and replaced by her mother.

A communication snafu had Pannita sending me a very terse and somewhat disturbing text with multiple exclamation marks. It’s all good now.

Valley Forge Invitational 2019–Round 3

June 3, 2019

My player is Min Lee.

Winner, winner, I be eatin’ chicken for dinner!

In the playoff, the other Lee put her approach in the left greenside bunker with an impossible shot to get it close. Barely kept it on the green but almost holed the putt. Min snuggled up he ten-footer for a two-putt par and that’s all she wrote.

My plan was to get one more W and retire. Then again, I may keep going and do this just for the big money. Smile

The win was a sweet birthday present for Min. She turned twenty-four while playing the tenth hole.

We were paired with Lisa Peterson the first two rounds with her dad Eric on the bag. Before she teed off on the first hole, he’d give her a peck on the cheek and a light kick in the butt. They make a cute team.

Hank Haney says remarks about Korean golfers were ‘based on statistics and facts’

Let’s see, A Lee won The Open and a Lee beat another Lee in a playoff at the Symetra event. Hank Haney sees all.

This week, Min is the second alternate in Atlantic City and I’m off to South Bend looking for a bag.

Then there was this:

LPGA pro uses unconventional (and absolutely gross) method to handle her emotions during rounds

A decade since its rebirth, ShopRite LPGA Classic continues to thrive

Valley Forge Invitational 2019–Round 2

June 1, 2019

My player in Min Lee.

Birdied seventeen to put us on top of the leaderboard going into tomorrow.

Yesterday, I lost the putter cover on the eighth fairway and the cart driver retrieved it. Today, coming off the fourteenth green, I lost the effing putter! I missed the pocket and didn’t notice. One of our playing partners gave it to me on the next tee. DOH!

I stopped at Boston Market for a meatloaf dinner after yesterday’s round and was very disappointed. They must have changed the recipe cause it sucked! The mystery meat was very dense. Kind a mix between rubber and

Played with Elizabeth Shultz the last two days. It’s her first Symetra event and she was really enjoying herself. On the first tee of round one, we tried to convince her that lasers were OK to use but it was all in fun.Winking smileWinking smile

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