Kingsmill Championship 2016

May 21, 2016

Paul Pope usually handles scoreboard duties here and does excellent work as always but he had another commitment and is absent. An electronic substitute was put in play to compensate but falls woefully short at providing quick and comprehensive access to what’s happening.

Here’s Volunteer Dave working the self-serve scoreboard. You have to go underneath to access the scroll bar which no one knows. What a pathetic substitute.

Dave isn’t officially working this week but still is helping out.

Dave Hamada at scoreboard Kingsmill 2016

I can’t believe this week was the first time I paid a visit to the Sportsman’s Grille. Besides a great menu and happy hour, they have an entire room devoted to pictures of LPGA players and caddies along with a plethora of memorabilia.  Here are just a few choice photos.

Donna and Greg Sportsmans Grille picture

Country Club_Motrocycle_Jody Keepers Sportsmans Grille pictures

Rick Kropf Sportsmans Grille picture

Tommy Thorpe Sportmans Grille

I see the LPGA Stage 3 finals is still scheduled for the first week of December as always. I guess the announcement of the week long Ferrari World Finals, held at the Daytona Speedway the same time, had no influence on a date change. Must not have been an alternative.

Out Of The Bullpen

May 20, 2016

So I was walking in along the ninth hole and came upon the group of Xi Yu Lin, Briana Mao and Julieta Granada. Mardi Lunn was looping for Lin so we struck up a conversation during our short walk. Little did I know I would be spending a lot more time with this group a few minutes later.

Shortly afterwards I got a call from Tom Borwick. A replacement caddie was needed and since he was not at the course, I was next up. It was Julieta’s mom. She wasn’t feeling well. So I joined the group in the middle of the eleventh hole. Could have been the lightest tour bag I ever carried. As I told Mardi, “I’ve worn jackets heavier than this.” It was easy work and Julieta was one under the rest of the way.

And you think the guys hit it far. Budsabakorn Sukapan seemed to ace her first hole of the day yesterday, the long par four tenth. Of course it was just in error but it wasn’t the only one. The Golf Channel’s LPGA scoring scroll during the Irish event had the two WD’s leading at even and third place was three under.:)

Suakapan scorecard Kingsmill 2016

Were There’s a Will…

May 19, 2016

Former LPGA pro Maggie Will was in the house on Tuesday gleaning interviews for her new website and business, It’s a portal to everything junior golf that she’s been working on for a year. Frustrated with the hodgepodge of junior golf venues and disinformation regarding scholarship information, Maggie decided to get it right and have it all in one place, The site will go online within a couple of weeks.

Interviews were not limited to players. Caddie Thomas Frank (aka Motion) prepares to share his knowledge for posterity.

Maggie Will and Motion 2016 Kingsmill Championship

I thought I spotted “The Undertaker” today heading for the range with her light carry bag. I wonder what they were giving away?:)

It was a real cluster-buck at the entrance to the course. No separate line for credential holders and the ticket scanner went down. Made it in before the bus emptied.

Kingsmill 2016 entrance

Then there was this:

Free admission for June’s Four Winds Invitational at Blackthorn

Muirfield golf club votes against allowing women to join as members

Kingsmill Championship 2016 – Qualifier

May 17, 2016

I caddied for Karlin Beck. We were first off in a field of twenty-four and paired with Heather Bowie and Lorie Kane who had her old standby Danny Sharp on the bag.

Even though there was umpteen years of experience in our group, no one made it into the lucky two-spot.

Former LPGA pro Jill Briles-Hinton also toted a bag in the qualifier. Looped for Julian Fraccola.

Kingsmill 2016 qualifiers

Speaking of Lorie and Danny, their picture graces the “wall of fame” in this week’s caddie area.

Danny Sharp and Lorie Kane picture on wall Kingsmill 2016

This weeks Caddie HQ is equipped with TV, a vast variety of snacks including multiple donut choices. Also, for the last couple of days, Chic-fil-A sandwiches. Yum!

Don Borwick (brother of caddie Tom Borwick) is volunteering this week and is stationed in Caddie HQ. I’m sure he’ll be getting an eye-opening view of what goes on behind the scenes.

The rain started early this morning and never let up. Most players played yesterday so they did get a round in. Won’t help much though as far as adapting to the conditions. The greens were hard and fast but after today’s soaking and more rain in the forecast, it’s a different ball game.

Then there was this:

Gulbis accepts sponsor’s exemption to Kingsmill Championship

Microsoft becomes founding sponsor for Women’s PGA Championship

Volvik Announces Sponsor Exemptions for LPGA Volvik Championship

Rohanna misses out on U.S. Women’s Open behind Georgia freshman, fellow LPGA pro

Is controversy plaguing Ha Na Jang? World No. 9 extends break from LPGA

Annika Sorenstam to keynote 2016 KPMG Women’s Leadership Summit

Trump engaged in tax battle with officials over value of Ossining golf course

Slummin’ In Charlotte

May 13, 2016

Suzy Whaley is looping for her daughter Kelly this week at the Symetra event in Charlotte. Raintree Country Club, one of the hilliest tracks on the Symetra Tour, is not the place to break in your caddie legs. To Suzy’s credit, she offered to go around again in the afternoon for a friend if needed. Kelly received an exemption given she is a Tar Heel favorite.

Suzy Whaley and daughter Kelly 2016 Charlotte Symetra Tour

Billy Prentice is working for Kendall Dye and got to play along with his pro-am group on Wednesday. They were two players short and permission was given to join in. Finished –15.

“Chocolate Chip” (or “Lemon Drop”, if you prefer) Wall is on Kristy McPherson’s sack this week. Chad is also here looping for Silvia Cavalleri.

JiSoo Park was +16 with three to play. Mercifully WD’d.

Then there was this:

2016 recipient of ANNIKA Award Presented by 3M to receive Evian Championship exemption

PGA Tour, LPGA partner with Topgolf with one goal in mind: grow the game

The Rochester woman who changed golf

Yokohama Classic 2016 – Round 1

May 5, 2016

Calm for the first couple hours then the wind started to howl. Laetitia Beck took full advantage.

The defending champion needs to bring it tomorrow to be around for the weekend.

Revenge is a dish served cold. I’m sure Louie Leadbetter is concocting something special for me after yesterday’s post.:)

Then there was this:

Did Asians save the LPGA?– Save it? Hell, they own it. Don’t be surprised if there is a move to change the tour to the ALPGA.:)

Se Ri Pak Receives Special Exemption Into 2016 US Women’s Open – But not for the ANA? Disgraceful.

All Part Of The Job

May 4, 2016

Louie ‘Leadbetter’ Paolini working his magic on the range. $200 an hour and he’s all yours.

Louie Leadbetter Paolini Yokahama Classic 2016

They must have updated the caddie dress code when no one was looking. T-shirts, jeans and cargo shorts are part of the garb that will get a caddie a good talking to (or fine) these days. Can someone pleases tell Louie Leadbetter.:) He promised a Walmart shopping spree to comply.

As a transport from Maxwell AFB flew over the other day, Jeff Steffler looked up and quipped “Is that one of ours?” That got a chuckle from the peanut gallery.

How about this for an opening hole. The 1st tee of The Judge Course lies just on the other side of the clubhouse. That’s the Montgomery skyline on the left.

The Judge Course Yokahama Classic 2016


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