April 18, 2015

April tends to be one of south Mississippi’s driest months but not this year. On average, Biloxi only receives about four-and-a-half inches of rain by the end of the month. So far, April 2015 has brought Biloxi over ten inches of rain. Some areas received over seven inches the last few days.

What California would give to trade places.

My Moto G left Shenzhen China today. Will arrive by FedEx on Wednesday.

Kim, Kim, Park, Shin,  and Choi. So goes the Lotte leaderboard.

Heard there might have been a whale sighting at a beach in Makaha. It was as big as a skyscraper I understand.

Then there was this:

Cell Phones Allowed for First Time at US Open 2015, USGA Announces

Can You Hear Me Now?

April 16, 2015

Ordered a Moto G smart phone today. Should get here before the end of the month. Even though I could still use Straight Talk (been with them for years) I’ll be moving to Cricket Wireless. They both use AT&T towers but Cricket will be $10 cheaper a month with a larger data allowance. All I have to do is buy their SIM card.

There goes my need for an Apple Watch. A Moto 360, now there’s a different story.


Watched all 13 episodes of Daredevil on Netflix the last few days. That’s what happens when you don’t have a job. Well done but too much Kung Fu crap.


Going to visit Tex next week at his new job.

Then there was this:

Spalding’s squad seeks MW title

An American Eh?

April 14, 2015

Congratulations to Dawn! Here’s a Facebook post worthy of celebration.

Today I became a U.S. Citizen. I couldn’t be more proud. This country has given me an education, a place to realize a dream of playing professional golf, numerous friends, fantastic in-laws, a wonderful husband and an awesome son. It’s been a long time coming. Now my son and I can vote in our first federal election together in 2016. I have the best of both worlds…..Canadian and American…I feel very blessed….

Dawn Coe Jones American citizen

Then there was this:

Hurst, Yan qualify for shot at Wie

Legends continuing Berg’s legacy

Volunteers sought for ShopRite LPGA Classic

Symetra Tour & Legends Tour to Play Together This Week

Free At Last …

April 13, 2015

… free at last … well, you know the rest. I called out (took the day off) Saturday and Sunday and turned in my uniforms today. I no longer am an employee of Fallen Oak/Beau Rivage.

It was a good run but working for an overbearing, narcissistic, micromanager was the chaff that broke the dromedary’s back.

Tex and I were in a position to walk away but the poor souls remaining may not be. We all felt the same about our tormentor but to a different degree. The trouble is, bosses like that look into their personal Mirror of Erised and see what they wish to see but it’s a delusion.

Now, you may be saying these are views from two disgruntled employees but not so. We heard the entire crew at his previous place of employment were planning a one day call-out just to stick it to him. We also understand they threw a party when he announced his departure and another one when after he left.

Looks like a pattern to me. It just takes time for his particular “management style” to rile the ranks.

Our former positions are finally posted on the company website. So if you’re looking for a job, here’s your chance. Beautiful surroundings, decent money but …


Tall Tale

April 11, 2015

One of the Sam’s Club employees stopped me for a chat while I was doing some shopping. He noticed a golf logo on my hat and decided engage with Masters conversation. Figuring he would impress me by tales of his childhood, filching golf balls off the Augusta course, he asked if I had ever been there. That was easy since I caddied there one off-season but that revelation didn’t slow him down. Yada, yada, yada, I eventually made my retreat with a meatloaf in hand.

One thing didn’t add up about his story though. He said he and his friends would crawl under the fence and steal balls off the 18th hole but the perimeter fence is nowhere near the 18th.

Last Loop?

April 8, 2015

Split a foursome with our on-call caddie. Probably my last loop at Fallen Oak. Feels good.

Food With Friends

April 7, 2015

Breakfast with Chip Wall (Lemon Drop) and Tom Borwick at Denny’s this morning. They’ll be going out on the Symetra Tour for the two in Florida and beyond. It was great to catch up on tour talk. Seems I had more news than they did.

Had lunch with Tex yesterday at La Bamba in the hood. Tex’s Spanglish is excellent. Our food arrived exactly as ordered. Looking much more relaxed and sporting a scraggly-ass starter beard, it was obvious his reprieve from Fallen Oak hell was the right move.


Good to know some things never change on the LPGA Tour. Last week a caddie had to spend a night in jail and lost his job for the weekend. Wasn’t the first time in the slammer for him either. Good times. :)


Think I figured out my blue screen problems. After researching the error code, it seems waking from sleep mode is the culprit. So it’s just software and not something more serious.


Then there was this:

Golf Channel’s Morning Drive to broadcast live from Chico’s Patty Berg Memorial

PGA looks to ‘elevate’ women’s golf with Westchester tourney


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