Symetra Classic – Round 2

May 19, 2018

My player is Kristy McPherson.

One under today. T16.

Never teed it up yesterday. Play was done for the day around noon.

Then there was this:

Bizarre turn in story of DQed high school golfers: players, administrators say rules official told them …


Symetra Classic – Round 1

May 17, 2018

My player is Kristy McPherson.

Shot +3. Played ball in hand. There was a ten minute delay before we teed it up and another about thirty minutes during the round to squeegee the greens. No lightning though, so we had that going for us.

It looked like I may have pitched a shutout this week but things turned quickly. Yesterday, within ten minutes, I got Hyemin Kim for next week and Kristy McPherson this week.

We touched them all yesterday morning with Kendall Dye and Billy Prentice on the bag.

By the way, the final round is Saturday. The same for next week.

Then there was this:

Local businesses band together to sponsor new LPGA tournament in Montco

LPGA announces details for this year’s China event

Symetra SRFHWF Classic Round 4

May 13, 2018

My player is Alejandra Llaneza.

Birdied the last to get it in the red. T42

Then there was this:

Kingsmill tournament officials confident they’ll find title sponsor

Tiffany Chan falters in Hong Kong Ladies Open – ‘I disappointed a lot of my family and friends’

Symetra SRFHWF Classic Round 3

May 12, 2018

My player is Alejandra Llaneza.

Four bogeys and no birds. Better day tomorrow.

We played in twosomes. Took less than four hours. Had enough energy to practice afterward.

Then there was this:

Czech Republic’s Klara Spilkova accepts special exemption to the KPMG Women’s PGA …

Without city money, Forsyth Classic turns to fundraisers, new sponsors

Symetra SRHFWH Classic Round 1 and 2

May 11, 2018

My player is Alejandra Llaneza.

Round 1: Shot even. Highlight of the day was an eagle two on eleven. 168 yards with a 27° hybrid which never left the stick. The pin was shrouded in shadow so until Ale (pronounced Allie) peeked in the hole, we didn’t know it was in. Missed another eagle on eighteen by two inches.

Round 2: One over. We be play’n the weekend.

When I was Beaumont, Ale was in the repair trailer with Paul having her grips done. I noticed she was carrying the light bag, preferred by most Symetra players, but switched back to the tour trunk this week. Not exactly the way to break in. Hopefully, Aleve to the rescue.

The wait on the reachable par five sixth allowed time for my first lesson in meditation. Ale instructed and I listened. With three breaths, all my worries, tension and stress will disappear. If not, I’m asking for a refund.

As I talked to our scorer on the fourteenth tee, he said that three players were penalized two shots for taking an unauthorized cart ride. Had to be rookies.

Broke out a new pair of Hoka One One Arahi. Not as much cushion as my Clifton 4s but more stability.

I picked up Ale just before this week’s pro-am. Had a great time with a group from Velux, the largest manufacturer of skylights in the world. After a very inauspicious start, they dubbed themselves the Whac-A-Mole group. It was a running joke the rest of the day.

One guy was a bit of a hothead and he remarked on how calm Ali took the game. Her advice was, “Next time you’re about to get angry, channel your inner Ale.” Smile

The bad news is, the Symetra Tour will not be playing here next year. The good news is, the Legends Tour may take its place. That’s what a little birdie told me.

Then there was this:

LPGA Tour gets first team event next year in Michigan

Tiffany Chan returns home from LPGA Tour determined to help save Fanling’s Hong Kong Golf …

Ladies European Tour: Melissa Reid Says Players Need Part-Time Jobs To Make Living

Parts is Parts

May 1, 2018

When I changed the cabin air filter (located behind the glove box) on both Rick’s and my car (2010 Avalon), I noticed mine was missing the glove box dampener. All it does is let the box drop slowly instead of slamming to a stop. Knowing that the Toyota dealer was not an option because of the cost, I stopped in Barry’s U Pull It, just outside of Biloxi, on my way back from the west coast.

After searching the lot for some time, I was about to bag it but something told me to keep going. I eventually found an upscale Camry. The glove box was removed and sitting on the seat with dampener attached. After removing the screw, it was mine. Cost me a dollar to get in and another one for the part. There’s gold in them there junkyards.

glove bow dampener

When Scraper was here, he disposed of a large tree, that was protruding into the overhead wires, with a chainsaw. He cut it down to the stump but I was surprised to find that it had grown back with a vengeance. The stalks were already five feet tall! I cut it back once more and decided to try and kill the stump according to an internet article.

I drilled vertical holes in the stump and filled them with Epsom salt. I then covered it to so the sun could not help in its rejuvenation. Hopefully, it will be dead in a few months.

Heard the new course in Texas is not in the best of shape. Good greens but fairways and bunkers have been described as scruffy.

Picked up an HDMI cable from Best Buy and was addressed as “bud” going in and “boss man” at the register. Must be casual Tuesday. Smile

The Way Back

April 29, 2018

Arrived in Tampa around 12:30 in the AM. The last 56 miles my low fuel light was on but after some quick calculations regarding tank size and displayed fuel consumption, I figured I could make it. No problem. Had a couple gallons to spare.

Upstate Jay called yesterday during my drive. He stopped in French Lick and toured the West Baden Springs Hotel. To his surprise, a copy of Dee Darden’s LPGA photo book, Inside the Ropes, was prominently displayed. He noticed that my picture was included so he decided to pass on the info. Said it looks like they have a mini Legends Hall of Fame.

After many years of passing by the “Babe” Didrikson Zaharias Hall of Fame in Beaumont Texas without stopping, I wasn’t about to do it again. I was the first one there Saturday morning.

Babe hall of fame

Stopped in Tucson a couple days and hiked Sabino Canyon last Thursday with Quiet Dave. We did the same route years ago. Started on the Phoneline Trail then split off on Blackett’s Ridge which ascends rapidly. I had little recollection of the other hike but as the degree of difficulty mounted, it stared to come back.

Dave brought a pair of hiking poles but had no need to use them going up. On the way down, he gave me one and what a difference it made. So much easier to keep balance and prevented

Dave and me hiking Tucson

Almost six miles and over three hours. Here’s a synopsis of our trek from the AllTrails app. Check out the elevation. I think that put us in the record books. Smile

Map of hike with Quiet Dave cropped

Then there was this:

Police stop golf course brawl that involved weapons and resulted in broken bones

Jack Nicklaus opens up about receiving stem cell therapy for his back pain

The Secret to Raising a Golf Prodigy Isn’t What You Think It Is

Mr. Nice Guy? Not so fast. Matt Kuchar on the art of the needle, Royal Birkdale and his reputation …

Another team event? Sure, and do it with the LPGA

Former LPGA golfer Sherri Steinhauer replaces clubs with pickleball paddle

New challenge awaits talented LPGA field; Old American offers unique test as pros get first look at …

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