R.I.P. Greg Sheridan

November 22, 2017

Greg Sheridan, one of the best caddies that has ever walked the fairways of the LPGA, has succumbed to the cancer he was battling. Here are some FB posts expressing the thoughts of friends.

Andrew Deardan:

Very sad to hear of the passing of Greg Sheridan

Ever since I met Greg back in 1992 I’ve had nothing but the greatest respect for the man and the job he’s done on the LPGA.
He was a mentor to many and one of the most loyal people you could ever meet.
An incredibly good caddy and a thorough pleasure to be drawn out in his group.
He will be a sad loss to the the golfing community and I’m glad he’s finally at peace and pain free.
RIP Greg and thoughts go out to the friends and family you leave behind.
p,s…”This Buds for you.

John Schiffer:

Rip Greg Sheridan you were a mentor to me on and
And off the golf course.your smile was inspirational and.you caddied without fear making the women better players.I’m a lucky man to have known you for twenty plus years.just watching you made me a better caddie and person.BB,shadow,pickup truck john, Rickles, Bruce Edwards, and so many more I have forgotten at this sad time you truly have one of the best with you now my heart is broken but you will never be forgotten I love you

Jeff Cable:

So sorry to hear of Greg’s passing, i know he battled a horrible demon in cancer something that has touched all of us at some time. He was a great caddy but an even better man he will be missed by all of his friends in the caddy nation and beyond. Rest in peace my friend i know you are now in a better place.

Sherrie Vacek:

We’ve lost a great friend & the golf world lost a great caddy. RIP Greg you were one of a kind.

Billy Pratt:

Greg, I will always cherish our times on our road trips, hotels shared, and fairways we walked together. I will always remember so many of the stories we shared. and anyone that knows you, knows you have plenty of those. You were always a great friend to me. I will always remember the genuine heart you had and a love for life that was so you. Although I didn’t get to caddie with you in the glory days, I love that I got to for the last ten years. You will always be missed never forgotten. Love ya man! God speed my friend. RIP Greg Sheridan


2nd Stage Qualifier 2017 – Round 3

October 21, 2017

My player is Angela Then.

Not a good day. No birds. Shot +5. Still in the mix though.

Had a great time at Gabby Then’s birthday party yesterday. It’s not until tomorrow but the timing wasn’t right. Wowed ‘em with caddie lore.

Many thanks to Bully for organizing the festivities at The Sand Trap Sports Bar. Cake and balloons included.

Fairways and greens. Good advice.

Gabby Then birthday cake

Wonder what she’s wishing for? 🙂

Gabby Then making a wish

2nd Stage qualifier 2017 – Round 2

October 20, 2017

My player is Angela Then.

Didn’t hit it as pure as yesterday but still only shot +1. Birdied our last which is always sweet.

The Panther seems to play tougher of the two. It seems to catch more wind and the greens are firmer especially fourteenth. It’s fairly new and balls land like they were on the runway of Sarasota International.

Looks like Bully put the hammer down today. Shot –5 on The Bobcat. The braddah can still go.

Ya got to know dem rules. Case in point. The twelfth hole on The Panther is a short dogleg right with a water hazard bordering the left side of the landing area. One player in our group hit three wood off the tee but turned it over into the hazard. She took her two club relief and dropped the ball.

She then announced that the ball rolled out of the two club measurement and asked if she should re-drop. Another player (not mine) said yes and before the situation struck me, she had ball in hand.

I walked over and and asked if it had rolled closer to the hole and she said no. I indicated that she had two club lengths of roll after the ball hits the ground and she looked dumbfounded. In fact, I was the only one in the group that knew the rule including the other two caddies. After calling for an official, she had to add one more shot for picking it up.

I was treated to the buffet lunch in the clubhouse and the salmon and New England clam chowder were spectacular. Topped it off with a little peach cobbler.

We hit the range after lunch and Angela said I could chill. I noticed an elderly lady on the bench behind us and told Angela that I was going see if she would invite me home.

After a few minutes the lady departed and my boss headed for the practice green with her sister and coach. I wasn’t far behind and when I arrived, made the following statement. “Got her number. I better call before she dies”. Everyone cracked up.

2nd Stage Qualifier 2017 – Round 1

October 19, 2017

My player is Angela Then.

-2 on The Bobcat today. Good start.

I’m low in the condo but Upstate and Phil are only one back.

More player/caddie match-ups. Jorge with Margarita Ramos, Benito with Samantha Troyanovich and Louie with Stacy Bregman.

Caddie quote of the week so far. As I was walking The Panther course yesterday, a player hit a good shot to the seventeenth green and her caddie responded with “I could feel that shot before you hit it”. Splain that to me Lucy!

Then there was this:

Firefighter headed to Augusta, Pebble and Shinnecock

Stage 2 Qualifier 2017 – Wednesday

October 18, 2017

Picked up Angela Then through the caddie network yesterday but employment was based on my performance after nine holes this morning. I passed but I almost whiffed our tee time. Didn’t receive the text. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

The greens on the Bobcat Course have been heavily top-dressed and puffs of sand rose when the ball landed yesterday but it was mostly gone today. Putted fairly well.

Caddie player match-ups so far: Upstate Jay is working for Doris Chen, former LPGA player Cindy Feng for Lily Muni He, The Nerd for Catherine O’Donnell, Danny Huber for EJ Seong, Jo Morley for Michele Thompson, Donna Wilkins for Jean Reynolds, Bully for Gabriella Then (Angela’s sister) and Philly Phil for Maria Torres.

Maria is from Puerto Rico. Here’s an interesting article regarding Maria’s travails after Hurricane Maria devastated the island and her career so far.

Happy 70th birthday (Tuesday) to Jarlath Hamrock aka “Upstate Jay”. After seven decades on the planet and a contender for the most interesting man in the world. Check out this article from 2001

I’m staying with Upstate and Phil in a condo behind the sixth tee on the Bobcat. Perfect location to watch tee shots and down a cold one.

Ran into my old boss Donna White. She’ll be following the progress of Nicole Sakamoto.

Over a foot of rain has fallen on the course in Taiwan in the last seven days washing out the pro-am.

Ten there was this:

The Santa Rosa country club devastated by Tubbs fire includes at least 38 members who lost homes

China shuts down billionaire’s golf courses

The Miami Heat will move its charity golf tournament away from President Trump’s course

LPGA Tour And LPGA Symetra Tour Members To Participate In Inspire.Dream.Achieve. Pro-Am …

Bjorn, Furyk recreate Palmer shot off Eiffel Tower

LPGA event could take a year off to find title sponsor

Symetra Tour Championship 2017

October 5, 2017

Had Wanansa Zhou as second alternate. She decided not to stick around after a torrential downpour put a halt to play at 9:50.

Play was scheduled to resume at 2:30 but was changed to 4 but was eventually postponed for the day.

As we were sitting in the foyer of the clubhouse during the storm, I noticed the front door was askew leaving a gap at the top and bottom. Instead of fixing the maladjusted portal to plumb, it looked as if the bottom was planed to allow it to close. But that was a minor problem compared to the gap in the overhang allowing a torrent of water to flow inside the door when it was closed. Looked like a decorative waterfall.

They’re playing the Jones Course and the putting surfaces have been redone but the contours have remained the same. The green’s collars (not to be confused with collard greens) have barley grown in and the transition to the green is indiscernible in places.

Staying at Louie’s with Rick and he’s cooking up a storm. Spaghetti with meat balls, pork chops, chicken tikka masala and linguine with clam sauce so far. It’s Rick’s turn tonight with steak.

Looking for a second stage bag if anyone has a lead.

Guardian Championship 2017 – Round 1

September 22, 2017

“Chocolate Chip” Wall has made an appearance. Up from his digs in Biloxi, he followed Kristy McPherson and Kendall Dye.

As Tom is my witness in the caddie tent, I picked Yu Liu to win this week.

Looks like the ban on caddies in player dining has been rescinded or never was in effect at all. The proper badge gets access to a feedbag of extravagance. I wonder who instituted the decree in the first place?

While having my old filling removed yesterday, the multiple injections of lidocaine just didn’t seem like they were enough so a few more were added. Throughout the wait for the extra numbing to kick in, I recalled my childhood trips to the dentist. The only time an injection was used was during an extraction. Otherwise, I was told to raise my hand when the pain became unbearable. Of course the dentist never stopped drilling. Would never finish if he did. To compound the unpleasantness, the drilling instrument was underpowered and driven by a belt – much like a fan belt on a car – and emitted an acrid aroma of burning rubber.

The dentist and his assistant were appalled by my tale of woe. Those were the dark ages compared to now but we did get our choice of lollypop when leaving. Have to get that next cavity started ASAP. 🙂

Then there was this:

Canton native Renee Powell to be enshrined in PGA of America Hall of Fame

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