Yokohama Classic 2016 – Round 1

May 5, 2016

Calm for the first couple hours then the wind started to howl. Laetitia Beck took full advantage.

The defending champion needs to bring it tomorrow to be around for the weekend.

Revenge is a dish served cold. I’m sure Louie Leadbetter is concocting something special for me after yesterday’s post.:)

Then there was this:

Did Asians save the LPGA?– Save it? Hell, they own it. Don’t be surprised if there is a move to change the tour to the ALPGA.:)

Se Ri Pak Receives Special Exemption Into 2016 US Women’s Open – But not for the ANA? Disgraceful.

All Part Of The Job

May 4, 2016

Louie ‘Leadbetter’ Paolini working his magic on the range. $200 an hour and he’s all yours.

Louie Leadbetter Paolini Yokahama Classic 2016

They must have updated the caddie dress code when no one was looking. T-shirts, jeans and cargo shorts are part of the garb that will get a caddie a good talking to (or fine) these days. Can someone pleases tell Louie Leadbetter.:) He promised a Walmart shopping spree to comply.

As a transport from Maxwell AFB flew over the other day, Jeff Steffler looked up and quipped “Is that one of ours?” That got a chuckle from the peanut gallery.

How about this for an opening hole. The 1st tee of The Judge Course lies just on the other side of the clubhouse. That’s the Montgomery skyline on the left.

The Judge Course Yokahama Classic 2016

Yokohama Classic – Tuesday

May 3, 2016

B.O.B. is in the house. Working for Amy Hung. 2013 was his last season on tour. Also, Pete Smith is back. Working for Annie Park.

Beth Bader is the first alternate. This field is not exactly the who’s who of the LPGA.

A call for a courtesy car this week went something like this.

I would like a courtesy car please.

Are you a player?

Yes, I’m the defending champion.

OK Catherine, we’ll reserve one for you.

Kris Tamulis is defending.

Smetri Mehra had to WD from the Monday qualifier. Her caddie went down from the heat at the turn and she had to carry her own bag (was allowed by the officials) until a replacement was found. As she lifted the bag, something in her rib cage area went awry and playing the remaining holes was not in the cards. Had to call it a day.

Yokohama Championship 2016 Monday qualifier

The conversation in the caddie tent is escalating to the inane. Reminds of the movie “Barber Shop”. Nothing is off limits.

Not Exactly The Ritz

May 2, 2016

So I was looking for a cheap place to stay when I arrived yesterday and the Relax Inn looked as if it fit the bill. About half way to Prattville on route 31, it sits next to the only other business around, Rhonda’s Sports Bar. It was cheap and clean enough but when I went back to the office to close the deal, two guys were paying for just an hour. The female in the backseat of their SUV may have had something to do with the short stay. I was out of their in a shot.

Birthday wishes go out to LPGA Club Repairman Paul Boehmer. A greeting party with cake gave him a surprise visit at his trailer.

Was talking to a couple of volunteers about the “new look” on tour. It wasn’t good. Enough said about that.

For the uninitiated, one of the best places to hang out is the caddie tent. Plenty of inside info. Even better when beer is available.

Texas Shootout 2016 – Round 2

April 29, 2016

The prediction of all day t-storms and two inches of rain never happened. Teed off on time.

They played ball in hand in anticipation. That kept the scores down considerably. Eventually the round was suspended around four.

A fourteen year old amateur made the cut. Karah Sanford shot –2 to finish even.

An ongoing weekly scam is to pass along the wrist band – that allows you in to player dining – to other family members  but the security guard at the door is on to it. Making everyone put it on their wrist instead of just showing it. Can’t imagine what that costs the sponsors each week.

The Wi-Fi is screaming fast at the clubhouse. Equal to what we had at volunteer Dave’s in Rancho Mirage.

Stimp and fetch it? (please, no comments) Taking a reading on the ninth this morning. Running at 11.5.

stemping ninth green Texas Shootout 2016

Heard Smetri Mehra will give it a go in the Monday qualifier next week. Looking for a looper.

Caddies will be gettin’ down tomorrow evening. Happens every year I was told.

caddie party Texas Shootout 2016

Then there was this:

Yokohama Tire LPGA Classic adds Alabama, Auburn golfers for next week’s event in Prattville

David Leadbetter: Michelle Wie’s problems more mental than physical – What a revelation.:)

LPGA Player Drives A Ball Off A Budweiser While Rocking The Barstool John Daly Shirt

Texas Shootout 2016 – Round 1

April 28, 2016

Toured the course to see what’s it like. Not a bad track.

The Stooges have their own tiki bar off the eleventh green.

Three Stooges Texas Shootout 2016

Nice truck display.

Fuzzys truck Texas Shootout 2016

But if you take a closer look.

trust your caddie Texas Shootout 2016

Yueer Cindy Feng (my former employer) has her dad on the bag this week. I wonder, if she misses the cut, will he fire himself? At least he has it easy. She’s using a light carry bag.

The food in the caddie tent is the same as player dining I understand. “Top notch. Top notch.” Isn’t that a line from Caddyshack?

Then there was this:

Golf’s great Olympic divide

Michelle Wie’s latest injury involves a neck brace

Washington paralyzed teen goes from football stardom to spot on golf team

Texas Shootout 2016 – Wednesday

April 27, 2016

Knock, knock. Who’s there? The start of a joke? One player only wished. That was an 8am Monday morning visit by the Olympic drug testers at her hotel this week. Each possible contestant has to log where they will be staying for just such an occasion.

“Country Club Mike” is in the house Picked up Jane Rah for the week. If she has a dismal week putting, here’s why.

Country Club Mike putting at Texas Shootout 2016

“Scraper” has also returned after a one week respite.

Scraper and Country Club Mike Texas Shootout 2016

The big man is staying at and DFW Airport Hotel and Convention Center which he dubbed the DFW shit-pit and Crack Center. Had to pay for a background check to get the extended stay rate. Unfortunately, no refunds. According to some online reviews, shit-pit is a compliment.

Louie Paolini has made his first appearance of the season. Looping for Annie Park.

Photobomb of the week (that’s last week) goes to Ralph Scarinzi at the Giants game. Or was it the beer that was photobombed by them both?Danny Sharp and Raplh Scarinzi Giants game photo bomb

The top two scores were reversed on the Monday qualifier. Popson won and Collier finished second. She needed that eagle on the final hole to avoid a playoff. Philly Phil is on Collier’s bag for the week.

The no shagging putts rule by caddies is still in effect. They posted the old rules in the caddie area. That’s good news.

Heard last week’s winner was unaware of the rule regarding building a stance in a bunker. I assume there was not enough evidence to warrant a penalty.

It was another split pro-am today. Nine holes with two different pros. Seemed very disorganized.

Everyone had caddies. Vicki Goetz-Ackerman, President of the LPGA, even looped nine holes this morning.

Heard the LPGA Legends Tour is running short of contestants and is considering lowering the qualifying age to forty.

Callaway Rep. Jeff Opheim is also here this week subbing for Barry Lyda.

What’s the deal with iPhones? I sent the above pic to myself through Danny’s phone and got ten copies. Volunteer Dave could send a text to an Android phone and they would receive it immediately but not another iPhone. Another caddie using Android keeps getting the same text over and over from his buddy’s  iPhone.

Then there was this:

If They Build a Golf Course, Will They Come to Olympics?

Nichols: How paying attention to ‘check writers’ helped save what was a floundering LPGA


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