Pure Silk Classic Monday Qualifier 2017

January 26, 2017

My player is Madeleine Sheils. Shot four over.

2017 Pure Silk qualifier

This was the most difficult wind I ever caddie in. Our ball was even blown off the green once. Carded six birdies (which was close to miraculous) but three doubles did us in.

The highlight of the day came on the par five fifteenth. After our playing partner came up way short on he approach to the green, we decided to take more club. Oops! It rode the wind instead of getting knocked down, flew the green, hit the cart path and settled on the beach. Maddie hit it to twenty feet and made the putt for double.

We were basically the second alternate after it was all over but given the expense, Maddie flew out and I was not far behind. Back in Tampa now.

Plenty of aches and pains reported by me and my fellow loopers. Sore feet, muscle cramps and shin splints have been mentioned.

Cabbage Beach was just a short walk from our temporary abode so Rick and I took advantage.

Rick Cabbage Beach Nassua 2017

 Larry Cabbage Beach Nassau 2017

Then there was this:

Donald Trump wants to play golf with the Queen at Balmoral during first official state visit to UK

Tokyo venue under fire for barring female members

New Beginnings

January 7, 2017

Happy New Year to all, albeit seven days late.

I’ve committed to Maddie for 2017. Being 156 on the priority list, we’ll be splitting time between the LPGA and Symetra Tours.  First gig will be the Monday qualifier in the Bahamas.

If my ride doesn’t crap out before I hit the road, I’ve decided to put in the needed repairs. Engine and tranny run fine.

Looks like Country Club Mike has started a catering business called Country Club Mike’s Catering and Delivery Service at Mossy Oak (well titled). “…I will start this venture the 25th. of January and beyond.” he said according to his Facebook post.

Here’s more from Mike.

It’s hard to believe professional tour golf is back already. I wish I were in the Bahamas the next few weeks with the Web.com tour and the LPGA. But its not going to happen and I’m fine with that. I want to wish all caddies, players, officials, staff,reps, club repair people, parents and Bahamians good luck. I am not done caddying on tour, just done for now. I was reading the book Caddy For Life , The Bruce Edwards Story. He caddied for Tom Watson for he longest. After they went to the Champions tour they came back to play in regular PGA tour event. Bruce said to I think a reporter, “do you smell that”. Of course he had no idea what Bruce was talking about. You smell it, Bruce was talking about PGA tour air, you smell it. Well the only thing I smell now is charcoal, oak wood some pork cooking mixed with that vinegar and hot sauce . Hopefully I will be able to smell some tour air in a little over a month or so. Until then Mossy Oak, beyond passion an obsession

Country Club at the grill

Country Club Mike at the grill 2

Looking back:

Don’t know why this popped into my head this morning but I decided to look it up. I was working the front desk at the Palm Court Inn in Tucson when this happened. Mother of 3 was found slain in ’95

Motorcycle Jim was working there also in maintenance. That evening, I received a call-back from the 911 operator saying that someone called and hung up. Since all the calls went through one main system, we had no clue from which room it came. I asked Jim to walk around and listen for any disturbances but he found none. The next day her body was found.

Then there was this:

Special Olympics Member to Play in Phoenix LPGA Pro-AM

‘Indians should naturally gravitate towards golf’ NFL star Ben Roethlisberger hopes kids choose golf over football

Twitter will livestream portions of PGA golf tournaments

The Play By Play

December 11, 2016

Maddie has just entered her latest blog post describing the final round of Q-School and I’ve decided to share it. Click maddieshiels.com

Thanks for the kind words Maddie. It was a tough year but paid off when it counted.

Did some shopping and knocked down some reservations in preparation for next year. Could be a combination of Symetra and LPGA events. If nothing happens to my ride between now and then, I may just fix it up instead of opting for another, although I truly would like something newer. Still have plenty of time for a decision.

Then there was this:

Rio Mayor’s assets frozen over controversial Olympic golf course

David Leadbetter warns Lydia Ko about her “naive” parents – Unfortunately, a recurring theme with Asian parents. Found out recently that an overbearing father of a player I had worked for has driven her to move out and quit golf. So sad.

Tragedy In Dubai

December 7, 2016

Caddie dies at Dubai Ladies Masters after collapsing with heart issue

The night before last week’s final round I watched the movie The Hunger Games and noticed a resemblance between Maddie and Jennifer Lawrence in the heroinic role of Katniss Everdeen. I mentioned this to Maddie that morning and concluded that all she needed was some collagen lip injections to complete the transformation as she already possessed the tenacity displayed on screen by the character. As we finished our warm-up and headed to the practice green, I continued the theme with this one line pep talk. “Let’s go get ‘em Katniss”. And she certainly did.

Her contact info on my cell now reads Madeleine Katniss Sheils.

Looking Forward

December 6, 2016

Looks like I may be hitting the road again next year. The problem is my car is a 2003 with 223,000 miles on the odometer. Still runs good but around $2,000 in repairs and maintenance are needed to make it safe and road worthy. Struts, front brakes, v-belt, and fluid changes all come to mind. A few smaller items – which are more of an annoyance –  need to tended to also. Doesn’t seem cost effective to me. Time to look for a new buggy. A few years old Camry might be the ticket.

My stress induced aches and pains have dissipated but a good might’s sleep remains illusive. Should be back to normal shortly. Did I say I’m not going to go through that again? 🙂

Good hometown article on Maddie. Boise’s Madeleine Sheils reaches LPGA Tour, likely to begin rookie season in April

Here’s another. Former Husker Sheils Earns LPGA Playing Status

Then there was this:

Thomas Bjorn to be named European captain for 2018 Ryder Cup

Who’s joining the LPGA in 2017? A closer look at this year’s Q-School grads

McPherson mulling 2017 plans after missing cut at LPGA Tour Q-School

Watch an emotional Paige Spiranac speak out about the cyber bullying she’s faced

A strong international field expected for second DJ World Junior in February

Q-School Finals 2016 – Round 5

December 5, 2016

My player is Madeleine Sheils.

What a day it was! Started with a nervous double on the first hole (had to make a twelve footer to do that) and finished with birds on sixteen and eighteen to secure tie for 21st place and great status for the LPGA Tour next season. Since Maddie had the best final round, she goes to the head of the list of the three that tied.

We were first out of the box at 7:30 with perfect conditions. Not a breath of breeze then all hell broke loose. A gusty SE wind came in with a vengeance and made picking the right stick a challenge.

We were paired with Katelyn Dambaugh and Celine Boutier (with “Douche-bag Doug” on the bag). Doug’s reputation on the Symetra Tour is not a good one which explains the moniker he’s been assigned. This brings us to the ninth hole.

The ninth is actually the eighteen – the way the course is laid out – but they were switched for the tournament. It’s a dogleg left par four with a large oak guarding the left side and a hazard short of the green. Usually one of the best holes on the course, it was substantially subdued yesterday being downwind. A good drive leaves you with a short approach.

Both Maddie and Katelyn split the middle with their drives but Celine turned over her three metal (which her caddie said was perfect as it left the clubface) and was blocked by the corner oak.

Instead of chipping out, they went for the green. The ball clipped the oak and entered the trees in the hazard on the left. Maddie, Katelyn and me all agreed it entered just right of a predominant palm.

The ball was found about six yards left of where it hit the trees but Maddie had the spot marked. Celine did not see it enter and agreed with Maddie’s assessment but not “Douche-bag Doug”.

He tried to take control and give his player a more favorable drop to the right which gave her a better shot at the green. An official was summoned and given Celine did not see the ball enter, Maddie’s spot was accepted.

Celine hit it over the green and a good chip saved a double. Maddie made birdie.

As we took the shortcut through the trees to the tenth tee, Doug ripped into Maddie about the drop and warned of “karma biting her in the ass”. My blood immediately went to full boil! “Stop right there!” I said with considerable forcefulness, “You have a bad rep and I will call that official back.” That stopped him in his tracks.

Turned out it was good karma that did the biting. On the tenth green Maddie sunk a bomb from the back fringe and slam-dunked another on sixteen – which was heading off the green if missed – and must of had Doug soiling himself.

As we finished on the final hole, Doug eschewed the customary pleasantries and turned his back on Maddie as she tried to shake his hand. A true douche if there ever was one.

Maddie had only one three putt in ninety holes. Not bad for a lass that doesn’t look at the ball when she putts from fifteen feet and in. 🙂

Had one good night’s sleep all week. So happy it’s over. Have no desire to work this event again. I’m still wired and need some zzzzzzz 🙂

As of yesterday morning, the pairings on the LPGA website were incorrect. The link pointed to Saturday’s instead. Pathetic!

In conclusion, I have never seen anyone work harder to achieve their dream. Somehow Maddie put it all together in the one week that counted the most. This was not the Maddie I have been watching all year. This was special. Her determination was unparalleled. Her confidence never wavered. It was as if her will overcame all obstacles.

Yesterday could have been disastrous given our start and the confrontation with the other caddie on the ninth hole, but Maddie’s internal fortitude prevailed. Be it destiny? Maybe. Whatever it was, I consider myself fortunate to have taken part. It was a very special day for both of us.

Now for a bit of levity.

Hurricane Matthew carved its way through the Daytona International Course back in October and remnants still remain reminding us of the event. One in particular lays just behind the ninth green and I believe is a case of art imitating life. I call it “Anthony Weiner” by Mother Nature.

Anthoy Wiener tree

Then there was this:

This Week In Golf Biz: Record LPGA Prize Purse, Caddyshack Yacht For Sale, $35 Billion … “Hey Smails! My dinghy’s bigger than your whole boat”

Q-School Finals 2016 – Round 4

December 3, 2016

My player is Madeleine Sheils.

Lost one to par again. No holding back tomorrow.

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