Pennsylvania Women’s Open – Final Round

May 27, 2017

My player is Cindy Lacrosse.

Shot even and finished T9. Birdied the hole we took a ten on yesterday. 🙂

Finding a place to buy a beer after the round was impossible until Cindy came up with a wrist band that got me into VIP hospitality. Had some sausage and peppers and a couple Susquehanna Gold Lagers at no cost. Hit the spot.

Then there was this:

Tullymore Superintendent Promises Super Conditions for LPGA Stars of the Future

Miyazato retiring from LPGA Tour after 2017 season

Pennsylvania Women’s Open – Round 1

May 26, 2017

My player is Cindy Lacrosse.

Seventeen good holes but a ten will eff you up every time.

Here’s is the semi-live scoring. Every three holes it’s posted.

Then there was this:

Trump inauguration band hired for Meijer LPGA concert

Golf wants to depoliticize Donald Trump’s U.S. Open. Is it feasible?

Pennsylvania Women’s Open – Pro-Am

May 25, 2017

It was a rainy and windy pro-am but I was warm and dry.

Picked up Cindy Lacrosse for the event. Only two days work but I could use the exercise. I was getting bedsores. 🙂

Here’s the first round pairings.

Four time long drive champion Sandra Sandborg is playing this week along with giving a clinic. Her dad will be pushing the trolley and offering support. Could be one of the nicest people one could meet. No better ambassador for golf. Managed to get a selfie before she teed off on Tuesday.

Me and Sandra Carlborg long drive champion

Hit the local Harry’s U-Pull-It the other day for a windshield washer hose. Can’t imagine a bigger bone yard than this one. My vehicle type was in row 613 which was no where near the 500s. They ran out of room and put them on the other side of the yard. Had to go back to the office to get directions.

“Follow the wall of cars and turn left.” I was told.

bone yard Hazelton

Found the part I needed and installed it yesterday morning. I can see clearly now…

Twenty-seven teed it up for six spots and ties in the qualifier. 78 made it.

PA Women's Open qualifier scores

Talked to one of the caddies who participated in the US Open qualifier in Butler PA. The course was sopping wet but they still played it down and there were only enough yardage books for half the field. When he asked if lasers would be allowed to compensate he was told “Yardage books are a privilege.”

Upstate Jay arrived yesterday driving his interpretation of the original woody body style automobile. His wood is on the top of the car though.

Upstate jay's woody

Tournament Directors don’t just push paper around. I found Kate Scarpetta placing a few signs on the course.

Kate Scarpetta at work

Looks like another former tour looper makes good with his business acumen. Check out Steve Alt Design Group.

Then there was this:

Kris Tschetter to be inducted into SDGA Hall of Fame

Pennsylvania Women’s Open

May 23, 2017

Tom and me walked around the Valley Country Club track today. Tournament Director Kate Scarpetta said it was flat – when she visited the LPGA in Texas – but I think it was a lure for some to bite on. This place is far from flat. Many side sloping fairways. It was not an easy stroll.

The Ramada had a good rate online (which was in error) but a couple bad reviews so I checked it out. Drove around the back and saw the source of the posted acrimony. Folks are living there full time and it wasn’t very pretty. I stopped in anyway and got a good deal at the weekly rate but the desk clerk wanted to house me in the back with the troglodytes (I knew that was going to happen). I resisted. She called the manager and got the OK to put me up front. Got a great room for a fraction of the daily rate.

Then there was this:

Kingsmill shifts from bright competition to gray uncertainty

Paula Creamer, LPGA players honor female veterans with pro-am Monday at Selfridge ANG

Minjee Lee’s $24000 scorecard blunder

Two college golfers penalized for taking cart rides to the bathroom

PA Instead of MI

May 22, 2017

Decided to blow off the Volvik event in Ann Arbor and go to Hazelton PA for the Pennsylvania Women’s Open.

FYI – Hazelton is the highest “city” in Pennsylvania according to the bartender in the clubhouse.

Forgot how bad the roads are in snow country. One pothole after the other.

The problem with my AC has turned into quite a puzzlement. Took it to the local Firestone this morning and they performed a recharge and checked for leaks with a dye injection. Ran it for half an hour and didn’t find a leak! So much for a bad hose. A potential $600 repair last week was $182 today. If the hose does turn out bad, I won’t have to pay for another recharge at any Firestone. That’s why I go to a national chain when traveling.

Then there was this:

Ha Na Jang rescinds LPGA card for Korea tour return – Doubt if anyone will shed a tear.

Pope brings artist’s flair to Kingsmill scoreboard

Liselotte Neumann’s strong finish carries her to victory in Legends Tour event – Way to go Lotta!

Kordas have fun paired in LPGA event for first time – Shot the same score each day.

Kingsmill Championship 2017 – Round 3

May 20, 2017

Every once and a while the equipment craps the bed. It happened to Scraper today as the bag strap fell apart. That’s when you have to do your best impression of MacGyver to get through the week and Scraper did not disappoint. He mended his bag strap with some rope and duck tape. A new sack is on the way.

Scraper fixiing bag Kingsmill

Did you know that Emily Tubert’s dad is actor and voice artist Marcelo Tubert?

My high pressure AC hose sprung a leak and so I took it took Meineke just down the street. The part had to be ordered but work was promised to be complete by the 5pm scheduled close of business. So I hitched a ride to the course with Rick and returned with Scraper.

Walked over at four hoping it was almost finished but Murphy’s Law was in full force. The part (redesigned) was no way close to the original and the tech was trying his best to make it fit. It was an impossible task so the old part was reinstalled. It was 6:30 by the time I drove away. They worked on it for four hours at no charge.

Kingsmill Championship 2017 – Round 2

May 19, 2017

Hot and humid. Scores are going down.

Loopers in action.

Jeff Decoen and Wichanee Meechai watch their tee ball on nine yesterday. Is someone missing a table cloth?

Jeff Decoen and Wichanee Meechai

Scraper. Things are looking up.

Scraper and Pavarisa Yoktuan

I was talking to Rick by the putting green early in the week. He was cleaning his players clubs (Ryann O’Toole) and it looked like they were excessively dirty after a week off. When finished, he looked down and noticed it was Carlota Ciganda’s bag and not his. I’m sure T-Mac was very appreciative. 🙂

Benito’s swing at the caddie contest. Not bad but no chicken dinner.

Heard Worth Bob is going to make an appearance next week.

I took a series of pictures of Lexi landing on the fairway yesterday and made a Google animation. Here it is.


Then there was this:

Panther Creek to flip nines for tourney

Singh’s lawyer on ordered trial: “Perhaps for the first time, the PGA Tour will be called to answer”

‘Don’t drink too much and golf’: Man whiffs swing at Fort Worth Topgolf, falls off platform into netting

College golfer has to strip down and jump into a lake after accidentally dropping golf ball

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