Trail Busters At It Again

Hiked the South Lykken Trail with “The Anchor” yesterday morning. Not too many vistas better than this.

Mark Scott on South Lykken Trail

On our way down, a guy coming up waived us through. Hiking etiquette states that up-hillers have the right of way but as I passed, I could see why he did it.

It was ninety degrees, he was dressed in all black, had no hat or water and his breathing was labored. More proof, you can’t fix stupid. Also, his mask was around his neck all the while he was huffing and puffing. DOH!.

Horses are permitted on some of the trails and as Mark and I descended the Garstin last week, three riders were coming up and their faces were covered with bandanas instead of traditional masks. It looked like they just robbed a stagecoach. Woulda,coulda,shoulda took a picture.

Thursday, “Volunteer Dave” and I assembled a foldable picnic table for his rental unit. What I thought would take half hour took three times that. Next one would be a piece of cake. The beer afterward sure hit the spot.

Larry by Dave's table

I do good work.

Besides the table, I also lubed the garage doors at both of Dave’s places and jimmied the lock of a neighbor’s house to get in. But that’s another story.

How about this gem of a bobblehead I spotted at Dave’s rental unit.

Julie Inkster bobble head 2


One Response to Trail Busters At It Again

  1. Ozz says:

    If the stupid guy had his masked on, he probably would be lying face down, as he would most likely be breathing in the carbon dioxide that he was exhaling. Those masked are not too good for talking with on, let alone breathing.

    The view is magnificent and Mark still looks fit as a fiddle. Enjoy the refreshments on the new patio furniture. Enjoying your adventures during this difficult period.

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