“Shadow” Remembered

badge_photo On September 4, 2008, Jeffrey Jones – AKA Shadow, Shad, Shad-rapper or just Rapper –  lost his life in an auto accident on a slippery road in Wiggins, Mississippi. He was on his way to spend some time with friends before moving on to look for a loop at the Bell Micro Classic in Mobile. Born Feb. 24, 1964, in Joliet, Illinois, Jeff joined the LPGA Tour family as a caddie at the tender age of just nineteen.

A touching memorial service was held at the course on Wednesday and we expressed our final good-byes.  I worked for Yu Ping Lin that week and she withdrew after the first round. She booked a 6:10 AM flight the next morning and I was recruited to chauffeur her to the airport which necessitated a 4 am departure. Like many times before, just thinking of such an early awakening left me sleepless. As I lay in bed, I started reviewing our tribute to Jeff. Michelle McGann gave an emotional tribute and invoked others to stand up and say something also. For what ever reason, no one did. Probably the fear of public speaking I thought. By the time I was about to depart, I knew this is what I should have said.

shad_Nashville 2004-holding_pin Dave Baker was the first permanent club repairman on tour and back then, the perks of today, for that position, were non-existent. Sometimes he barley scraped by but toiled at his job not for the money, but because he loved it and was part of the tour’s “family”. During the off season he dreaded the thought of hanging with what he referred to as “normal people” but endured it till we were all united once more the next season. When asked what it was like being part of our nomadic organization, his response was one of the best I’ve ever heard. “It’s cartoon characters coming to life” he would answer and if there was one example more apparent than “Shadow”, I can’t think of it.

“Shad” was an enigma with a combination of quirks even the most imaginative cartoonist would fail to conjure up. A predilection for a good wager – the ball cap of his favorite team always worn just slightly askew – a scratch of his head – donning a sweater on many days when everyone else was in shirtsleeves – the dead-fish handshake – a  love for sports with golf and professional wrestling (knew all the participants by ralph_and_shadowname) towards the top of the list – and lest not we forget the eclectic collection of gestures and zingers he used to describe just about any situation but usually how his round went. “Sheesh”- “Night now”- “Stagecoach comin'”  and “Shrimper” just to name a few. When asked after the pro-am how he did – referring to the amount of tips he received – it could be anything from a smile and retort of “Benjie” or forming his thumb and index finger into a shape of a donut and blowing through it, indicating he was stiffed.

A favorite euphemism “Rapper” used for the local betting establishment was “church”. Countless sojourns to “church”, with an assemblage of similar-minded compadres, would be a weekly ritual if practicable. Accompanied by the likes of “Johnny Whiteshoes”, “Glider”, “Boston Ralph”, “Skyscraper”, “Junkman” or other eccentric personas, he would go off into the night searching out a little action.


Jeffery also showed a penchant for highlighting the obvious. Many times he would visit my room, looking for his “church going” buddy Ralph, notice that I would be eating some sort of take-out for my evening repast and ask “Eatin’ dinner Larr?” He then would assume a reclining position on a vacant bed, pull out a handful of quarters and let them slide form one palm to the other as if fondling a stack full of casino chips. The incessant jingling would drive me insane! But I never did admonish his behavior. That was just a part of “Shad”.

I’m sure there are many more idiosyncrasies “Shadow” embraced that I wasn’t familiar with but come to mind of all he befriended. When the time comes, for “Shad” and I to meet once more, I’ll be greeted with “Finally get here Larr”? He’ll then reach deep down, pull out a handful of quarters and and well, you know the rest.

Larry Smich

Tribute to Shadow by John Moody, former caddie and now editor of Springfield’s Own Magazine.

Please click on the following audio, while perusing the poignant comments from those who knew the “Rapper”.


86 Responses to “Shadow” Remembered

  1. bernie rogan says:

    rick aune called me with the news about shadow. don’t know what to say , except he was a really good guy. i definitely have good memories of him. rick told me about your website a few weeks ago. i’ve been planning to drop an e-mail to you, pkenty of good stories (like the time in hershey you were with donna white in a practice round and my player decided to check my yardage by walking through a creek). good luck, larry, i’ll be in touch

    From Losing One of Our Own, 2008/09/05 at 1:44 PM

  2. lifeontour says:

    Great to hear from you Bernie. Too bad it’s under such unfortunate circumstances. I believe that was Betsy in Hershey. Oh, the good ol’ days.

  3. Cousin J says:

    What A terrible loss, Jeff was a rare breed. He will be deeply missed. Where ever Jeff’s soul is headed I hope there are sports there…. Cousin J

  4. GG says:

    I am so very sad to hear this news. The “Shad Rapper” worked for me quite a few times in my career and he was just a really nice guy. He will definitely be missed as he was quite a fixture for so many years. Be careful out there everyone……

  5. Tim B says:

    As many of you know Jeffrey was a kind man. Jeff had a gift that he gave to people…and it was the gift of humility. He taught you that without him even realizing it and that was his true calling here on Earth. He fulfilled his calling in the time he spent with all of us and I for one was a better person for knowing him.

    Rest peacefully Jeff..your in a better place now buddy.

  6. Michelle McGann says:

    I was lucky enough to have the Rapper caddy for me and call him my FRIEND. I can’t believe life on tour without him. I have been on tour for 20 years and he has been out there for all of them. I am in shock and just keep praying that he didn’t suffer and is now in peace. My love goes out to his family.

    From Losing One of Our Own, 2008/09/05 at 4:59 PM

  7. Bob and Denise says:

    We are driving to Mobile as we speak and are sooo very sad. We are having a difficult time digesting such a loss. Jeff did not have one mean bone in his body. His love of sports was 2nd to none. His life revolved around family, his friends on tour and his never ending search for the ultimate wager. Jeff, you will be missed. I hope you have found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I hope your family knows how much we cared!

  8. Rhet says:

    You know how much this touches my heart. “Talkin’ Jim” was sitting on a cloud waiting to welcome him. If he was a drinker Jim had a cold Bud waiting for him. Now it is off for a round of golf. If God golfs, and you know he must they are happily caddying for him and who ever else wants a game up there. My prays and compassion go out to his family. I know what they are going through.

  9. mike o says:

    i live in biloxi and was expecting shadow last night. tex called me this morning to tell me what happened and i almost threw up. one of the nicest and just all around best dudes you’d ever meet. shadow was the type of guy that never met a stranger and if you didn’t like him, something was wrong with you. he’d go out of his way to help anyone anyway he could. he was on a very short list of people that always had a bed at my house. i’m going to miss that little whistle he did. you know that whistle… everyone knows that whistle.

    RIP, buddy. you’ll be missed more than you know.

  10. Jamie Hullett says:

    I will miss how Shadow always had a smile for me and how would always make an effort to come say hi to me on the range or putting green. I know the entire tour will feel this loss. God bless.

  11. Robinson says:

    Shadow, we miss you already. He was happy to be on tour and smiling all the time. He was always willing to help anybody out there. Peace to his heart and spirit.

  12. Dawn says:

    The tour lost a good one. I’m so glad that at last years McDonald’s Championship I hired Shad. We had a really good time talking about Tampa teams. Remember the Bucs Super Bowl hat he wore! Then after the Lightning won the Stanley Cup, I brought him a championship hat the next day. I knew he would be the one to appreciate it the most. The Rays need your help Jeff. Rest peacefully and you will never be forgotten.

  13. Red Zone says:

    A true friend has shagged his last ball. He didn’t have the strongest hand shake in the world but he was sincere. He may not have caddied for the top player’s or maybe didn’t fit the role of an Oakley boy, he was my friend. It’s better to have dreams and live them than to only dream of your dreams. Caddying, it’s a job as simple as that. Sometime you travel all over the countries and into foreign countries. We are lucky you don’t need to speak the language to get into these places. Sometimes a caddy may pass up a $50.00 hotel and drive an additional hour to get a $35.00 room and use the remainder to get a $15.00 dinner. Only to get up at 6am to drive 6 hours so you can get to a new golf course you need to walk so you can have info for your player.I never saw Shadow mad never. Maybe a little, nothing to warrant a background check. He probably knew 30 phone numbers off the top of his head. Shadow wasn’t into texting. If you wanted to know what the cut was going to be, ask Shad. He loved a good breakfast spot, liked a quiet roommate and I never saw him drink a beer or smoke a cig. A good man has been taken from the links and as Shadow would say, “I’m done, I’m down the road.

  14. Bill-DC says:

    I’m a golf fan and tune in here to read Larry’s adventures on his life on tour. Seeing the comments on the passing of Shad made me sad as he obviously touched a lot of people in his life and was a good person. I’m sorry and I extend sympathies to his friends and family for their loss.

  15. Christine Jones Brown says:

    It really warms my heart at this difficult time to read all of these comments. I only got to see my brother at Thanksgiving & Christmas, but he was always happy. I know he loved the game of golf and being on the tour. I think he had eight hole in ones (in his earlier days), although I’m sure he didn’t brag about it. He was just that way.
    Shadow is missed already and I know he is in Sports Heaven now.

  16. Caddie Machine says:

    This is a very sad day. Shadrapper was a real person, with a huge heart. Shad was a great friend, almost like a son. I would laugh just looking at him, and listening to his comments. When you would ask him how his player did that day, he would give that whistle and say sewer or tanker.Just too funny. I will really miss him and think of him often.I extend my sympathies to his family.

  17. Isabelle & Pete McClure says:

    Jeff, the road has risen to meet you- the wind is now at your back – sun shines warm upon your face – GOD now holds you in the palm of his hands.. Rest in Peace Jeff. You have made the world a better place with your sincerity and graciousness. We are blest to have known you. We will miss you so. Pete loved talkin’ sports with you. God Speed Jeff, God Speed!

  18. Mike and Brenda says:

    As long time family friends, Jeff was one of our own. We were so very saddened to learn of this tragic accident. Jeff was always a good kid and grew into a good and kind man.
    He found something he loved and followed his dream, few of us ever really do that.
    Thinking of Jeff we were reminded of a poem that we feel really fit the shadow.
    Success is in the way you walk the paths of life each day;
    It’s in the little things you do, and in the things you say.
    Success is not in getting rich, or rising high to fame.
    It’s not alone in winning goals, which all hope to claim.
    Success is being big of heart, and clean and broad in mind;
    It’s being faithful to your friends, and to the stranger, kind.
    It’s in the children whom you love, and all they learn from you;
    Success depends on character, and everything you do.
    May God bless Jeff and his family.

  19. Lisa says:

    Shadow caddied for me several times during my career and I always appreciated his quiet professionalism. He was truly a good person….I never heard him complain or saw him get angry. I never even caught him rolling his eyes, and I’m sure I gave him plenty of opportunities to do that. One of the funniest things I’ll always remember about Shad was during one off season. My brother Layne and I were playing a round with him, and of course there was a bet, and on the 18th hole. Shad skanked his approach shot and it was not going to clear the water……but it SKIPPED OFF A DUCKS BACK onto the green and he ended up winning the hole. Layne and Shadow and I laughed about that every time our paths crossed thereafter. Knowing I’ll never see Shadow again, or chat with him about the Bucs, the Lightning, and the Rays saddens me immensely. Heaven definitely drafted a good one when it took the Shad.

  20. Connie Chillemi aka Chille says:

    The LPGA Tour has lost one of its best caddies. Shadow worked for me when I had my best finish and low score in 1988. We are so blessed to have shared the same path as him. My heart goes out to his family and friends. I’ll never forget him.

  21. js says:

    I miss you already, I never met a better person or bigger degenerate gambler than I. I will miss us bitching about the 4 beating our 5 at the wire,….

    tired and sad


  22. Rick Ried says:

    Rapper is already missed! I met shad in 1987 we rode together in the early years quite often. He was honest as the day is long. SHEESH this is hard. The trips to the track or the casino or the OTB. Talking out of the side of his mouth or the limp fish hand shake. I am sure he and Johnny “white shoes” are rollin bones. My condolences to to his family! He has good friends up there with him Shannon, Talkin Jim, Bebe, Rosco, John K, God bless you and keep you ! Your friend Rick Ried !

  23. Cougar says:

    I was just getting to know Shadow, and it is a shame that I won’t be able to see him again. He will be missed by all whose lives he touched.

  24. Mike and Sharo Estigo says:

    Jeff and his family are personal friends of ours and I cannot begin to describe the sorrow that we felt when we heard of Jeff’s accident. He was such a good and respectful person and although quiet still had a great sense of humor and such a a pleasure to be around. He will missed so much in so many ways. God Bless Jeff and our deepest sympathies to his family.

  25. IL MI CHUNG says:

    I heard very sad news yesterday.
    He was such a good man. All the Korean Lpga players will miss him very much.
    God bless Jeff and his family…

  26. Steve Alt (miso) says:

    I knew Shadow for three years. He was one of the first that I met in Hawaii. Felt like I had known him for years. Truly a special person you could see it in his eyes. Thanks for being my friend and always giving the helping hand with info. Will be missed by all and condolences to his family and friends. The Lord needed him more than we.

  27. Andy Dearden says:

    Although we are across the pond the news found its way here pretty quick and the shock was deeply upsetting to all of us.
    We have all lost a great man and he will be sorely missed.I can only hope he is having a coke and a chinwag with other great loopers we have lost..
    Shad if you have the net up there we will miss you mate and catch you for one down the road.
    R.I.P Shadrapper and deepest sympathies to the ones he leaves behind
    Andy and the gang on the LET.

  28. John Moody says:

    Shadow was my friend. I just saw the news on Golf Channel as I was heading off to bed, so much for sleep. I think I met him the first week he came out on tour — good, good guy, trustworthy. I saw him earlier this summer in Springfield when I covered the State Farm Classic for my newspaper. Too bad they changed the date of the event, maybe Shad would be OK tonight.

    Too many good guys gone too soon. God bless my old buddy.

    John Moody

  29. Mickey Will says:

    Rapper…I do not know what to say. I am deeply saddened by this tragic loss. You were definitely a staple on the LPGA tour! I am at a complete loss and if I was to pick one of the most memorable moments that I have of you, I couldn’t just pick out one. Onc memory that will always stick out to me are the sweaters. No matter how hot a day or location, Shadow always had a sweater on.

    To all caddies on tour, my heart goes out to you all. Keep his memory alive.

    At a complete loss,

    Mike LaPolla

  30. Luc Despars (Caddie Master) says:

    Jeff called me last December looking for a job for the winter. I invited him to Miami to work at Indian Creek CC where I’m the Caddie Master. His knowledge of the game and his personal manners made him quickly one of my best caddies at the club. I will miss him and I promise his place will be remembered in the Caddy Yard.

  31. Casey "Code 7" "Top 40" says:

    Just got the news from John M. I remember “Shad” from our earliest days on tour…maybe 1982 to ’86. Would travel with the “Shad” often but would listen to him always. The “Shad” could always put just the right spin and humor on the story! When John and I would speak of the “good ‘ol days” on tour, we’d mention the cast of characters but always conclude with a different story of Jeff. Many years have passed since my “life on tour” (over 20+ and counting) but memories of friends never die. The “Shadow” was one of our own. To travel as a caddie has many highs as well as lows, but the bond we share as friends would always outweigh the difficulties. I’ve often told of the story of “Shadow” and how his name came about. My face would lighten with pleasure as the story unfolded. I guess the next time I tell the story there will be a hint of sadness that hasn’t been felt before. I’ll find out soon because I’m telling that story Thursday to 250 golfers in Killington!

  32. Billy & Rose says:

    Jeff spent Labor Day Weekend at our home in Lemont, IL. He was in town for a surprise 50th Wedding Annv party for his parents. He was able to spend time with many of his uncles, aunts, cousins, grandmother, sister, as well as his parents. His passing has left us deeply saddened. Will never be able to watch a golf tournament or a ball game without thinking of Jeff. His genuine kindness and goodness endeared him to all. I’m sure the “Shadow” will be showing me and Rose the line on our future putts.

  33. Jonathan Satter says:

    When Shadow Rapper looped for my wife-to-be this year, he regularly went out of his way to throw me a drink from the players cooler during a round. While I didn’t know him for long, it was that kind of thoughtfulness that led him to be a favorite of mine. I actually was dissapointed if I didn’t get to see him at a tournament. A good man not to be forgotten.

    Sheesh Rapper, you’re a good man.

  34. cowboy says:

    i met Shadow in the ’80s at Moon Valley. seems like he was a veteran then. everything everyone has said about him is true.

    Shadow lived as a caddie and died as a caddie; in my book there’s no better way to go.

    I”M JEALOUS!!!!

    enjoy the after-life,


  35. What a tragedy, I first met Jeff in 1985 at the mixed team event at Bardmoor, and were friends from then untill now. A lot of sadness in the caddy world the last couple of months and this is trully shocking. Are hearts are with you Shadow. you will missed, your bud Bubweiser Paul

  36. fooch says:

    very sad news for everyone who knew the great man. the only man i have ever met who could get away with wearing the sweater he got for christmas all year round!!! a great pleasure to have known the “shadrapper”……r.i.p.

  37. tom thorpe says:

    terrible news, there are so many stories, allthat make you smile remebering them.me and my wife send are deepest sympathys.me and jeff started caddying about the same time,teenagers looking for fun and adventure.i think he had a great time meeting people and making new friends, looking forward to seeing himand talking about the bucs and all the other sports. the word has spread to the senior tour, and he was well known and liked out here among the caddies. you raised a great guy and a good friend, sincerly tom

  38. Burfeindt Larry says:

    Shadow I know him since he first came on the tour when he was just 16 years old and I went to a lot of race tracks with him and casinos and took him to Indian Creek last winter and stayed with him in Florida. I am surely going to miss him and his good heart and lovable feelings to everyone. He never had a bad word to say about anyone. I already miss him so much and just cannot understand why he is gone. I guess the phrase :Only the good die young : fits here. I will not be able to live with him this winter as we had planned, but I will always live with him in my thoughts.

  39. michelle ellis says:

    We were all bless to have spent time with shadow.
    All of the people he touched, will miss him dearly.
    The L.P.G.A has truely lost a great friend and companion.
    I will miss his smile and the way he tried to say mate.
    Shadow may you rest is peace ‘MATE”
    love baz

  40. Joe Connolly (Coffee Joe) says:

    I have known “Shadow” for 24 yrs. The nickname came from years ago when he first came on tour (age 19). Always eager to learn the nuiances of caddying,everytime you turned around, he would be standing right at your shoulder. Hence the nickname “Shadow”. He was a very unique individual. As a caddie,one could not find a person who was more professional, hard working and cordial, as a person he had a few quirks as we all do; the soft handshake and the way he would scratch hi head in a moment of confusion. I will miss that. Dave Baker, who was the Club Repair Technician in the 80’s once said gazing at the caddies ” That we are cartoon characters that come to life.” Jeffery was truely part of that. I will miss him terribly. Jeff, watch over the rest of your supportng cast. Rest in Peace.

  41. mark GREENVAN says:


  42. Grandma Eleanore says:

    ChaCha Bolli (yes, Jeff did have another nickname.) So glad I had a chance to be with my Grandson over Labor Day Weekend. Love and miss you.
    Grandma Ellie

  43. jon swensson says:

    I heard the news on Friday night from Ralph Scarinzi.He gave me Dan Wilson’s #. Dan thought it would be nice to wear a Lightning cap in celebration of Shadow’s love for Tampa Bay sports. The Tampa Bay Lightning have sent 20 caps in Memoriam to Dan for distribution. My first time inside the ropes was over 30 years ago, my last 23, yet the caddie bond has never been stronger with my fellow loopers. I met Shad at the very beginning of his career and the truth is everything you’ve read here written by people he met along his journey is the absolute truth. That’s what life’s about on the road. Trust, Honesty, Integrity. Shadow lived this life and obviously made the LPGA a stronger family. Thanks for the effort.R.I.P.

  44. Lisa and Daniel Harvey says:

    Mr. & Mrs. Jones
    Christine, Brian & Kylee
    May God hold you in his hands and comfort you in this difficult time.

  45. Mike "Heals"Healy says:

    What a shock, Shadow was one of the finest people that I had the pleasure of getting to know during my short few years following the sun. I always marveled at how friendly he was, going out of his way to say hello years later and makeing sure that I had tickets. What a wonderful friend to all and sincerely tragic news, he will be missed by his legion of friends from all across the tours path.
    My deepest sympathies to Jeff’s family and extended wealth of friends, the world is emptier for me today .
    Mike Healy

  46. Frank & Joan Heeg says:

    We are still in shock – Rest in peace Jeff! Deepest sympathy to your family and great friends.

  47. Bully says:

    To the Jones family,

    I am sorry for your lost. Shadow was a great guy and a true friend. I alway’s looked forward to joining him as I had my 2 beers and he would have his hamburger and coke. The tour has lost a great character and I a true friend. Shadow would always enjoy my culture when the tour came to Oahu. I will miss those days. God bless Shadow and his family.

  48. Country Club says:

    I’ve always been a fan Life On Tour. The tournaments I can’t make I always go to your website to see what has been happening. Shadow was a dear friend to me. Thank you for letting me know how others people felt about him. I missed the memorial service because I am not in Alabama this week. In my grief thru these hard times I go to Life On Tour and read the words of other people. I must have read all of the comments 5,6 times. Shadow was special to me and so many others, he will always be in my thoughts. Thanks again Larry and keep up the good work. Sheesh. To Shadows family I am sorry about your lost, your son was special to the tour and a many people.

    From Bell Micro Classic, 2008/09/10 at 5:13 PM

  49. Worth Blackwelder says:

    First I wish to thank Jeff for all of his kindness to me, my wife Myra, an LPGA player for 15 years (1980-1995), and my children Myles born 1985, and Mallory born 1987. Jeff began his career with us in the days on tour when we REALLY were all a family, purses were smaller, and fellowships on tour seemed tighter than today. He always had a smile that was contagious, and a kind spirit that is rare.
    His demeanor was that of a calm soul, which undoubtedly made him a better caddy. Myra and I will always remember you, Jeff. We had a common bond of being Tampa Bucs fans. May all of our memories help us to have a calmer heart, and help us to live showing each other more kindness and love. God be with your family during this time.

  50. dave (sonny bono) paquin says:

    I received a call from coffee joe informing me of shadows passing. It deeply saddens me to see someone of his character pass so young. He was a friend and I have dear and fond memories of him. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and my former fellow caddies. I am sure he is resting in the arms of our Lord and smiling down on everyone. For sure him and talking jim are having quite the conversations of their caddie days. May the Lord keep you all safe and look over you each and everyday. God Bless Shadow and he will forever rest in peace with the Lord.

  51. Dan Jones says:

    Larry, We would like to thank the kind-hearted soul who so tirelessly devotes the time and effort to create this website. It became a daily link for us in our time of grief. We think the closeness and camaraderie of the whole LPGA tour (players, caddies, officials) is second to none. Your LPGA family became “Shadows” family for the last 25 years. Shadow loved every moment out on tour and could not wait for each season to begin. Our son had a love for all sports, but golf was his passion. He made many true and lasting friendships with many of you, which was displayed by the great turnout for his memorial service. For people to endure the 94 degree temperature after a hard day on the course and then to attend his memorial is a tribute to him and all of you. We would also like to extend a special thank you to the following people: Mindy Moore, Donna Wilkins, Carolyn Bivens, and to all the LPGA officials who coordinated the memorial service. Chris Stevens, we can’t say enough about her. Shad and Chris came on tour at about the same time. Shad came out with Murle Breer and Chris relayed a story about how the ministry was originally funded. Murle said if she won a tournament she would donate the purse (or a portion of ) to begin the ministry. She went on to win and that marked the beginning of the permanent ministry. Its ironic that Shad looped for Murle his first time out at Bardmoor C.C. in Largo, Florida and that same ministry officiated at his memorial service in Mobile. Michelle McGann for her inspirational talk at the memorial. She was one of Shad’s favorites. Bern and Buckey McGann for spending so much of their time comforting myself, Carolyn, and Christine in Mobile. Jacky Gallagher-Smith for her beautiful rendition of “I Can Only Imagine.” A great big thank you to a great big and wonderful guy, the Scraper. Scraper drove to Mississippi to be with us and spent Saturday night and most of Sunday with us before heading to Mobile. There are so many more people to thank but I can’t write between the tears. You all know who you are and you will all have a special place in our hearts. Thanks again to the big LPGA family. God bless you, Dan, Carolyn and Christine Jones

  52. T-MAC says:

    Missed by everyone who knew him, compliments of a life lived in peace! I will miss you Jeff!

  53. Davey & Sue says:

    Jeff “Shadow” is our cousin. He spent at least one and sometimes more weekends with us every year. Almost every May the phone would ring and it was Jeff asking if we would be home and if he could spend the weekend with us. We usually saw him when the LPGA tournament was playing in Williamsburg, VA and/or Havre De Grace. MD. Davey knew when Jeff arrived he would lose his TV to the Golf Channel, Chicago Cubs baseball and any other sport that was on TV. When Jeff visited we knew we were destined for a weekend of sports and only sports. Davey always fell asleep and Jeff and I would stay up Saturday night watching the Nascar Cup or Nationwide race. Jeff was a picky eater……I used to call his Aunt Joyce (Davey’s mom) and ask her what Jeff would eat. We came to realize if we had burgers to grill or spaghetti and plenty of coke in the fridge we would be ok. 🙂 Jeff was a very sweet, gentle man. It’s very heart warming to read all the comments that have been written about him. It’s overwhelmingly clear to us he had many more friends than we could ever imagine. Next May will be especially difficult for us. We’ll be expecting the phone to ring with Jeff on the other end asking if we’re going to be home and if he can spend the weekend with us. Unfortunately that is a call we will never receive again.

    We miss him deeply!

    All Our Love,
    Davey & Sue

  54. dan & carolyn jones says:

    we would like to thank the kind hearted soul(larry) who so tirelessly devotes the time and effort to create this website. it became a daily link for us in our time of grief. our son had a love for all sports but golf was his passion. we love you jeff and will always miss you.

    • ron viola says:

      Its been well over two years since jeff has left us. There isnt a day here in western ny that I dont think of him . Although he stayed with our family once or twice a year We stayed in contant contact. We had one thing in common we loved the horse races not just for gambling but the sport itself. I happen to own several horses that raced around the ny area and jeff would always call to see how thing were going for me. In the spring of 2009 we bread a mare and she foaled a handsome colt who began his training in the fall of 2010. There was never a question in my mind what we would name this colt” Caddy Jeff” lives on in my heart for jeff . I miss him everyday

      Ron V

      • dan jones.. says:

        dear roni am shadows father. i would love to know where you are located. i have a fondness for the horses also and really think it is a great tribute to shadows memory we are located in largo but sometimes we travel to the buffalo area.

  55. Joe Florida says:

    Jeff will be missed .It was a plesure to know him!
    We wish Dan and Caroline our depest regrets

  56. Davey & Sue says:

    Jeff “Shadow” is our cousin. He spent at least one and sometimes more weekends with us every year. Almost every May the phone would ring and it was Jeff asking if we would be home and if he could spend the weekend with us. We usually saw him when the LPGA tournament was playing in Williamsburg, VA and/or Havre De Grace, MD. Davey knew when Jeff arrived he would lose his TV to the Golf Channel, Chicago Cubs baseball and any other sport that was on TV. When Jeff visited we knew we were destined for a weekend of sports and only sports. Davey always fell asleep and Jeff and I would would stay up Saturday night watching the Nascar Cup or Nationwide race. Jeff was a picky eater…….I used to call his Aunt Joyce (Davey’s mom) and ask her what Jeff would eat. We came to realize if we had burgers to grill or spaghetti and plenty of coke in the fridge we would be ok. 🙂

    Jeff was a very sweet, gentle man. It’s very heart warming to read all the comments that have been written about him. It’s overwhelmingly clear to us he had many more friends than we could ever imagine. Next May will be especially difficult for us. We’ll be expecting the phone to ring with Jeff on the other end asking if we’re going to be home and if he can spend the weekend with us. Unfortunately that is a call we will never receive again.

    We miss him deeply!

    All Our Love,
    Davey & Sue

  57. Carla Brown Wheeler says:

    PLEASE, PLEASE pray for the Jones family. I saw yesterday the pain and sorrow that they were going through with the loss of Jeff (Shadow). I only met Jeff twice at a family function and he was such a nice young man. But, if you know the family, you know why he was like that. They are such wonderful, caring people. I wish, with all my heart that I could do something to take this pain away. I know it is part of the healing process but it is still hard to see them have to go through it. My hope is that my granddaughter will be able to remember her “Uncle Jeffie”. I know we will reinforce him memory with her so she knows exactly how special he was to her, his family, and his adopted golf family.

  58. Lonnie says:

    Jeff Jones was a very great person. Part of his “greatness” was his simplicity…simple and kind. (Oh Lord, send me down some of that)

    I was always always happy to see Jeff. He would always make me smile and laugh. I loved to hear his stories; as he always had time to listen to mine.

    I am not on Tour anymore…but I immediately felt a loss at news of his passing. A prayer for strength goes out to all who knew and loved him. “To know him, WAS to love him”

    There is a headstone in the cemetary near here that reads: “There is no death. What seems so…is only transition” Friend…have a happy (rest of the) journey!

  59. Marty Wells Hampton says:

    Jeff was my nextdoor neighbor for twenty some odd years. My brother-Chuck and sister Kathy used to babysit him and his sister Christine. I remember when he got his first “Hole in One.” I would like to extend my sympathy to his parents (Caroline and Dan) and his sister Christine, and the rest of his family.

  60. dan & carolyn jones says:

    We just wanted to say thanks again to you for providing an outlet to post stories/comments about Shadow. It has really meant alot to our family during this sad time. I know a few of the caddies and some of the retired players asked when a service would be back home in Largo FL. There will be a memorial service Friday September 19 at 5pm. Hubbell Funeral Home 499 N Indian Rocks Rd Belleair Bluffs FL 33770. Donations can also be made to LPGA Foundation 100 International Drive Daytona Beach FL 32124 Attn Dolores Hope.

    Thanks so much & God Bless!
    Christine Jones Brown

  61. Sue And Jim Largo/Boston says:

    Our prayers and thoughts go out toDan ;Carolyn and Christine
    Dan our next wager will be 2-5!

  62. ELECTRIC ED says:


  63. sharon says:

    Wow, I’m still blissed! Shadow was my hero, here at the Fallen Oak. He was always making smile, he always said to me “I like your smile Sharon”. We went out to dinner, and talked all night about football. See I’m from Bradenton, FL., so we both shared the luv for the Tamps Bay Bucs. I miss him so much, I don’t now how to say goodbye. RIP my very dear friend, and I’ll see you when I get there, be looking for me!

  64. Dawn says:

    Lisa Walters and I just attended the service they had for Jeff here in Largo, Florida. We met his Mom and Dad and sister and they are still hurting. Please still remember them in your prayers. Jeff touched so many lives outside the tour and to hear stories about Jeff growing up made us realize why he was such a great guy and why everyone who knew Jeff never had a bad word to say about him and loved him so. All the pictures they shared of Jeff……Jeff always had that great smile. Jeff was dong what he loved, that is for sure and we should all be thankful that his family shared him with us. As Jeff would say, “Sheesh!” Dawn Coe-Jones

  65. greg says:

    A significant loss. A big loss for golf. Golfers and caddy’s spend a great deal of time with each other on the road over the course of a year. So much that we become a golfing family of sorts. Well, we lost one of are members and its a sad day. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and “shadow” will be missed. God bless.

  66. Roy Smith says:

    I had the priviledge of working FOR Shadow as caddymaster at the MacDonald’s LPGA Classic, plus a couple of other tournaments, over nearly 20 years. He was a gentle person who trully appreciated whatever we could do to make the caddies’ week a little less of a hassle. Whenever I attend an LPGA tounament in the future, and reconnect with the many caddy friends made over these past 20 years, not seeing Shadow will be disappointing, But, given all that is going on in the hre and now, I suspect he is in a much better place.

  67. Willa and Glenn Spears family says:

    On behalf of my parents and our entire family (cousins) we grieve the passing of Jeff. As a teenager, Jeff visited our family in northern WI with his aunt and uncle. Although we lost touch over the years, my folks faithfully follow golf and over the years proudly announce that Jeff caddied for many. It is comforting to know he never changed from the smiling, kind person we knew then. Reading all your condloances and comments affirms although his life was cut short, Jeff had a life well lived. Bless all of you for part in his life.

  68. Anthony Morabito says:

    I would often pop up at an event here and there to caddie and for some reason the first person I would see is was Shadow. He always had the same question, who you working for Anthony? I will miss Shadow! He always treated me like I saw him yesterday. Not many out there like that!! My prayers go out to the Jone’s See you again someday buddy!!!!

  69. Denise and Bob says:


    What a great piece on Shadow. Even though you did not get up at the memorial, it is heartfelt and you relayed your feelings perfectly. I am sure Shadow is feeling warm and fuzzy!


  70. Dennis Mitchell says:

    Heard the news today, 10/7 at the PGA Texas Open. Players and caddies were telling Shadow stories Jeff’s friends are spread over many golf tours.
    He was very rich in friends.

    Jeff was a friend of mine, I will miss him.

  71. Jeff Steffler says:

    The Best Jeff on Tour!

    I still think he is just working a different tour stop this week, next week, and every week, and I always will.


  72. Quack says:

    My God…I just got the news!! I hooked up with Shadow at Jennings Mill in early 2007 on the Nationwide Tour. I had just qualified into the event in a playoff Tuesday morning and went straight to the course to find a caddie and get in my practice round. The first caddie that approached me was “big time” and about 2 minutes after he offered to work with me for the week he informed me he had another gig. Fortunately for me, he turned straight to Shadow, introduced us and recommended him highly. What a perfect fit. I was nervous as hell and his calm settled me down all week. It was a good event that kicked off my best season as a pro and one that I will always remember.

    We hooked up two more times during the year, and I wish it could have been more. He was an incredible guy to be around. When I lie on my death bed and look back at my life, I will remember 2007 as a highlight year and, specifically, how Shadow was a huge influence in making it happen.

    Shadow, you will be missed!

  73. john schiffer says:

    it has been almost five months since we lost shad and i think of him often i met him in 1986 in portland ore. he was a great freind and just a good guy i will miss you shad and see you again and we will have a cheeseburger and coke

  74. Kevin O'Bey says:

    So shocking for me to read of this tonight. I wasn’t able to spend much time on Tour caddying, but what time I did spend was made richer in the fact that I was lucky enough to have Shad befriend me. From day one he acted like he had known me his whole life. I can close my eyes and picture Shad and Talkin Jim walking the fairways of heaven together. Heaven is a better place.

  75. Mike Reed says:

    I found out today from Jay about Jeff’s tragic death. I was lucky enough to room with Jeff many times over the course of time I was on tour. Shad was one of the nicest guys I have had the pleasure of meeting. We used to spend time looking at the LPGA Schedules and figuring out where we could go to watch Monday Night Wrestling live. Jeff always made me laugh. I always said he should have been put on the Golf Channel. His commentary was priceless. I still remember being in New York and it was so hot outside but Shad still had on 2 sweaters at night. I can also remember at West Palm Beach when Shad, White Shoes, Chocolate and I stayed together. Shad and Johnny could not wait to get to the Puppies every night after work.

    I hope Shad and White Shoes have plenty of loops in Heaven. I miss you both.

  76. jerry (scraper) schneider says:

    i miss my buddy.
    he was my roommate for 6 years.
    i should have talked at the service but,

    i didn’t have the guts.
    it was time to say something about jeff
    god bless

  77. Louis Mc says:

    I Miss him saying You Mamie Jamie.I wish I was at the service GOOD LUCK MY FRIEND Truly Rest in Peace

  78. Skip Hill says:

    I just found out that Shadow died when I got to Corning.What a shock. But they say the good die young. Shadow was one of the best. The tour will never be the same without him and the Corning Classic

  79. jarlath "jay" hamrock says:

    There aren’t too many caddies I know who, during an off week, would venture to visit the farm in upstate New York that I manage when I’m not a caddie. But, my good friend Shadow came, several times. It was a pleasure to have that walking encyclopedia around, always on the ball. I enjoyed his frequent calls or messages, usually evoking the nickname he personally gave me: “Ball Broken”–after hearing about an incident on the course when a certain Asian player with broken English whom we had both worked for proclaim her ball out-of-round. To Shadrack, I was Ball Broken. My heart was a little broken the day I heard news of his passing.

  80. marty wells says:

    I just stumbled across your website larry. First of all, hello to all the loopers from the 90’s. I was shocked to here about shadow. He was a great friend and roommate a few times. Dave (Sonny Bono) called me about jim wilkerson and rickles. I learned about jeremiah o’malley (the golden arm) on the sight just now. Jeff was an honorary member of the “bud bunch” even though he didnt drink
    Say hello to everyone (greg,donna,bobby inman,coffee joe etc.) for me. Feel free to give out my web address to anyone who wishes to contact me. Marty

  81. mark says:

    Thanks for doing this Larry. Shad was one of a kind..Diane and I think about Shad every time we talk about the good old days on the tour…

  82. JON SHIELD says:

    I was on the tour ” in the 90.s” I was married to ” Connie Chillemi””aka (CHILLI ) was paired with him often ” he gave me great insight ” Jeff was kind “”I just found out on ” 9-16-2015″I am glad ” I ran across this website” JEFF loved being on tour “”one of the nicest “people “I ever met Boston Ralph ” not far behind .thank you Jeff “you have my wife “her best year on tour “working for her ! Very sad day for me thank you Larry ( Big Jon ) Shield.😂😰😥 He was loved by all ” 🌹🙏🌹” so glad I new him. God bless to all.

  83. Michael says:

    Nice one, Larry.
    He really was one of a kind😢

    • Tim Atsedes says:

      I will never forget the way shadow shaked hands. It was unusual but special! He would stick out his hand with a smile and his hand would come out slightly bent up.. It would always make you angle your hand to come up And back down to his… A sign of respect, and humility… Love you mean it!! Tim Atsedes

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