Catching Up

It’s been about a month and a half since my last desert update. Yes, I’m still in Palm Springs and loving it. It’s hot as Hades so any outdoor activity is a morning venture.

I’ve trekked over 600 miles on the hiking trails so far but every once in awhile, I’ve been walking the neighborhood instead. Temperatures are over ninety at first light so over-taxing myself makes little sense. Unfortunately, the aerial tramway has been closed or I’d be opting for the cool mountain trails.

Two players in Toledo opted to push a trolley instead of hiring a caddie. Both finished in the top ten. One of them had a trolley from her childhood and it was special indeed. It was all titanium and cost a whopping £2,000! I doubt that came from her piggy bank.

I also heard there was a bit of a kerfuffle with Lydia’s caddie. He had dinner with one of the caddies who tested COVID positive and it was feared he had to sit out. Subsequently, a retest was negative but too late for that caddie’s player. She had to withdraw.

California just ordered rolling blackouts for parts of the state due to excessive heat. Here’s hoping I’m unaffected.

I’ve been watching the Scottish on the telly every morning. Not to see the players but the course. I loved caddying over there. The visit to St. Andrews is my most memorable golf experience.

Many doctors here are using telemedicine appointments to see patients instead of in-person but dental hygienists are cleaning teeth. Who would you think has a greater chance of catching the bug? Go figure.


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