All Drugged Up

August 9, 2017

I’ve been battling a sore throat and cough for the last two weeks. OTC drugs haven’t made a dent so I went to Urgent Care down the road. They gave me a steroid shot and prescription for a decongestant and antibiotic. Told to change my tooth brush every five days to avoid re-contamination. Found a six pack for $1. Made in China of course. Who knows what they made them from?

The nurse practitioner and her aide swear I resemble Jon Voight. In fact, one said we could be twins. I got that before. In fact, in Toledo once a guy said to his buddy, “Hey look, Jon Voight is caddying.” True story.

Got another job offer on the Symetra. That makes three but they all have me going all the way back to Sioux Falls. That’s 1,000 miles. Have to think hard before agreeing.

To paraphrase the late Johnnie Cochran: “If it doesn’t fit, you can’t commit.”

Tell me that wasn’t good. 🙂 🙂


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