YOW! Ming

October 29, 2014

“I look like a Mini Me” – Daly on Twitter. Daly thinks he looks Chinese?

Reminds me of the time I worked for Christina Kim in a practice round at Kraft. Some guy thought I was her farther.

daly and ming

John Daly and Yao Ming

My car is in for some cosmetic surgery. Picked-up a Chrysler 200 rental until next week. Nothing special

Then there was this:

Meijer Announces Dates for the 2015 Meijer LPGA Classic presented by Kraft

The Squeaky Shoe Gets The Boot

October 26, 2014

A group of ten from the Dallas area stopped by last Thursday for a three days of play. The first day was a practice round and no caddies were requested. Then they got down to business playing in fivesomes assisted by forecaddies.

Tex and I each had a group with the head honcho under Tex’s supervision. They played from the middle tees with my group one forward from the senior yardage.

All seemed well but for some reason the soles on Tex’s shoes emitted an annoying squeak with every step which must have put a burr under the saddle of Mr. Big.

Yesterday, we all gathered on the first tee before starting but a possible caddie switch was requested. First, a question had to be answered which was aimed in my direction. “Do your shoes squeak?” I was asked. “No.” was my reply and the exchange was made.

After we finished, our started asked if my performance was satisfactory compared to old squeaky shoes. With the previous day’s annoyance fresh in his mind, the answer was definitive.“Larry was ten times better than Tex.” he said.

Basically I did very little. Just regular caddie duties along with reading a few greens. Nothing special. But I guess in this case, silence was indeed golden.

Round 3 of the Blue Bay LPGA will resume tomorrow morning (Monday, October 27, 2014) at 8.30am.

More rain pushes Blue Bay to Monday finish

Then there was this:

Is the end of golf at hand?

Donald Trump thinks he has ‘greatest collection of golf courses ever’


Lydia Ko goes high-tech with Tiger Woods’ ex-coach Sean Foley

Counting Down

October 22, 2014

Three more days then we close for over-seeding. May get to caddie once or twice before we turn the lights out. We officially reopen on November 7th but we’ll go back a couple days early I’m sure.

The 2105 ShopRite LPGA Classic to be held May 29-31 at Seaview

LPGA event gets new sponsor, but not the desert’s event

Caddy Girls Gets Turned Down on Shark Tank

By Invitation Only

October 19, 2014

We all looped the 8th Annual Fallen Oak Invitational yesterday. It was a three man scramble with two teams playing together to keep it on the up-and-up. It was a long day but good money.

How low, can it go? Filled up for $276.9 at Sam’s this morning. Can $1.99 be far behind?

Then there was this:

Faldo has lost respect of European players, says Poulter

Man convicted of fatal stabbing with putter at Barrie mini-golf course

81-Year-Old Man Records 4 Aces in 33 Days

First Pebble Beach golf trophy found after 91 years

Homie On The Range

October 17, 2014

I’ve been working the driving range during the MGRC the last two years and, if I don’t quit or get fired, I’ll probably be there again for the next one in March of 2015. But this time I’ll be joined by Chip Wall (aka Chocolate Chip) former LPGA looper and now a permanent resident of Biloxi.

Chip put in his volunteer application and was assigned the rock pile. He also finagled a complimentary VIP badge from one of the local banks that has corporate tent on the 18th hole. So if he’s MIA on the range, I’ll know where to find him.

Then there was this:

Dame Laura Davies Elected to World Golf Hall of Fame

Webb Simpson: Golf at Ryder Cup a ‘Terrible Experience’

It’s All About The Money

October 15, 2014

Stacy Lewis Says LPGA Should Go Back to Four Majors – Evian met all the LPGA’s demands for major status. The time to speak up was before they were given that honor. 

Then there was this:

Creamer’s game plan for Korea includes time at DMZ

0 for 2

October 12, 2014

The one-two punch of Tom Borwick and Chip Wall failed to advance their players to the second stage of the web.com qualifying. Neal Ajubita and Isaac Spencer will have to sit out the next round.

Then there was this:

Greg Norman unsure if he’ll be able to play golf again

Michelle Wie Set to Return From Injury at 2014 LPGA HanaBank Championship


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