Youngsters Rule!

July 21, 2014

It was interesting for awhile at The Open Championship but the guys who lit it up were just too far back. Congrats to Rory.

The same goes for Lydia Ko. This girl is for real.

Here’s a selfie worth keeping.

Mcllroy selfie


Beth Ann Nichols@GolfweekNichols T-5 Masters/T-2 U.S. Open/T-2 Open Championship. @RickieFowlerPGA is the only Tour player to have finished top 5 in season’s first 3 majors

Laura Davies on the radio feed: “Couldn’t sleep at all on a big lead. I thought it was the hardest thing to do.”

Then there was this:

Women’s golf legend Carol Mann happy for ‘homecoming’ in International Crown

The Open 2014 3rd Round

July 19, 2014

Tiger crashes, Rory soars.

I’m bummed! Where’s the Scottish weather? Heard it poured twenty minutes after play concluded. Here’s hoping tomorrow sucks.

Meanwhile at the Marathon Classic, Diaz holds fast but who the heck is Jaye Marie Green?

Open Tweets:

Beth Ann Nichols ‏RT @LukeDonald: Stenson wins Hoylake wet T shirt contest comfortably!

John Singleton, the factory worker, birdied 3 of last 4 holes Friday. Left eagle putt on 18 short because tears were streaming.

Alistair Tait@GolfweekTait I know @PaulLawriegolf won the 1999 Open from 10 shots back with a fantastic closing 67, but I can’t see Rory losing this one.

Watched Annika chunk one out of a fairway bunker at the American Century Championship. Bet ya didn’t see that very often when she was on tour. Still made par.

Then there was this:

A Man in a Bear Suit Crashed the LPGA’s Marathon Classic

Michelle Wie Misses Cut at 2014 LPGA Marathon Classic

Fresno native Joan Pitcock misses cut at first LPGA tourney in 10 years

From golf to good wine, Cindy Rarick gives it her best shot

The Open 2014 1st Round

July 17, 2014

No wind. Very disappointing. Red is the color of the day.

Is this Tiger’s rebirth? Hit some very impressive shots.

Some fancy stick handling by Els on the first. Triple! Three whacks from less than a foot.

Open Tweets:

Boo Weekley when asked if he’s icing his hurt right wrist “Do they have ice over here, if so I haven’t found any”

The factory worker, John Singleton, shot 78. Boss said to him: “I don’t think I’ve ever wanted someone not to come back to work on Monday.”

Justin Rose’s driver was accidentally given away to his caddie’s friend. Got it back by No. 3. Rose called it a “comedic start” to the day

Facebook post from Betsy King: I’m enjoying the Marathon Classic here in Sylvania, OH July 17-20. If you are here stop by our Golf Fore Africa booth and say hello.

Back from the dead? Laura Diaz shoots nine under in the opening round in Toledo.

There’s a few names on the board you don’t usually see. Whenever an underdog wins, such as Mo did last week, it invigorates the lesser-known. A little confidence goes a long way.

On air X-rated commentary from Mark Wiebe after missing a putt. This used to be an every day occurrence for The Garb. 

It’s time for Frank and Tim Tam to stop taking shots at each other. I’m imposing a 30 day cease fire. You can still comment but no personal attacks. The same goes for you ajc. Quit throwing gas on the fire.

Play nice or they’ll be no ice cream for dessert.

Hit the range today and not the one with the little round pellets. Tuning-up for the zombie apocalypse or the coming civil war. Take your pick.

Then there was this:

After 10-year hiatus, Joan Pitcock returns to LPGA with eye on senior tour

The Early Bird …

July 16, 2014

… catches The Open. ESPN3’s coverage starts at 3:30 am ET.

Open Tweets:

Beth Ann Nichols talked to John Daly today, who said he could make a 20 on the 12th.

Spent time today with a local factory worker who qualified for @The_Open in his first attempt. Meet John Singleton:

Par 5! The #openchampionship winds are blowing. Bubba had 166 to the pin on 16 and hit 64• lob wedge to 11 feet.

MT @GolfweekRude: Asked about Tiger Woods being rusty after inactivity, Sean Foley told me: “Rust is absence of feel, not absence of skill.”

Kudos to Mo for not skipping Toledo after last week’s win. Can’t say that for some others. The field list looks like an LPGA reunion.

Then there was this:

The International Golf Federation Confirms Qualification System For Golf In The 2016 Olympic Games

Blinkx Announces Partnership With LPGA, Stock Rises

Women’s British Open champ Martin receives congratulatory letter from Arnold Palmer

All Tiger

July 14, 2014

Tweet from golf writer Dan Jenkins@danjenkinsgd

I see that ESPN3 is going with all Tiger, all the time at Hoylake. How is that any different from the regular telecast?

I have the Google Now voice search installed on my laptop and basically, when you have the Google home page opened and say “OK Google,” it activates the microphone and you can just say what you wish to search for. For example, you can ask how to get to a certain place and it will bring up a map with detailed directions.

Well yesterday I was watching the 1954 movie “Dial M for Murder” on TCM and three times Google Now was activated by the movie. Twice it couldn’t understand the dialog and shut off  but once it searched for “Genesee.” Think their voice recognition software needs tweaking?

Four Atlantic City casinos (the latest being Trump Plaza) will be closed by the Fall of this year putting almost 8,000 folks out of a job. Meanwhile, they keep adding on and building more here in Biloxi. All about location I guess.

2014 Ricoh British Open Finale– Mighty Mo

July 13, 2014

Great finish and win for Mo Martin. An albatross on the last would have been fantastic. So close. Americans are on a roll.

Every time I see the replay, when Mo finds out she won, it gives be goose bumps. Her expression is priceless.

The wind blew and the scores went up. That’s the way it should be in a major.

Early in the BBC coverage, Peter Alliss, after confusing Korean player Inbee Park with compatriot Sun-Ju Ahn, came within a hair of saying they all look alike. He tried to recover by stating they were similarly dressed (which they weren’t) and had similar body types (did he mean fat portly?).

In case you missed it, here is why Ahn was penalized yesterday. Check out the video.

In the second most important sporting event of the day, Germany defeated Argentina 1:0 in extra time. The winning goal was almost exciting as Mo’s second shot on the eighteenth.  I can see why the fans get emotionally drained.

Then there was this:

LPGA’s Legends Tour coming to Delray Beach

Patty Sheehan calls LPGA Championship name change ‘slap in the face’

2014 RIcoh British Open Round Three

July 12, 2014

After a poor start, Mo Martin recovered nicely but couldn’t keep it going. Not good when the wheels come off and you’re driving on the other side of the road.

Sun-Ju Ahn built such a perfect platform for her stance in the bunker on eighteen, she couldn’t have done better with a shovel. Cost her two blows and the lead. The sad part is, she had to have the rule explained to her.

The weather will the main factor tomorrow. Blow wind blow!

Don’t know if the last pairing was ever put on the clock but they should have been. Fifty minutes for the first three holes? Ridiculous.

I don’t get ESPN2 so I’m watching the BBC with a little workaround. Made a trial account with and changed my Wi-Fi settings to their DNS specifications. Now when I watch the BBC coverage, they think I’m in the UK and do not deny access. That will come to an end in six more days.

Then there was this:

In St. Andrews, a Heavy Knock on a Neighbor’s Door


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