Founders Cup – Friday

March 16, 2012

There was a rare albatross sighting today. Hanna Yun had a double eagle on the 15th. This must have thrown the real time scoring for a loop because they left the score on that hole blank.

Looks like some nasty weather is moving in for the weekend. It’s goin’ to blow and then rain on Sunday. There’s talk of split tees.

Dewi Claire Schreefel was assessed a two shot penalty for slow play but it must have fired her up. Carded an eagle and a couple birds afterward to make the cut.

Kris Tamulis has ben playing with a bad wheel ever since the Asian swing. Had it checked yesterday and found one of the bones in her foot had a stress fracture and is now on the mend. Playing pretty good despite the pain.

Paul Martinez – Snake Wrangler. What I thought was a rubber snake, laying next to Candie Kung’s bag by the caddie tent, turned out to be real. A three foot rat snake (identified afterward by Paul the club repairman) eventually started slithering towards the caddie tent when the other Paul grabbed one of of his player’s irons and tied to coax it into the desert but it was uncooperative. He then did what I’m sure all us would. Grabbed it by the tail and tossed it onto the sand. Took two of three attempts but he eventually got the job done. It crawled down a hole under a tree never to be seen again. We hope.

Needed some brake work done so I stopped in Just Brakes on Bell Rd this morning. I’ve been a loyal customer of theirs for years but it sure didn’t seem that way to them. They noticed that the windshield washer fluid needed topping off as did the radiator coolant. Wanted to charge me $8 for the service so I declined. As I walked around waiting for the rotors to be replaced, I was called and asked once more if I wanted the fluids brought to the correct level. "It’s only $8" he said. That really fried my ass. All the money I had spent with them over the years and the a-holes couldn’t top of the fluids for free? I told him so right there and then and once more when I returned. "You just lost a loyal customer" was my parting salvo after paying the bill but when I was about to drive off, the Just Brakes version of Mr. Whipple, after coming to his senses, tracked me down and offered the service for free so I wouldn’t depart angry. Lucky him. I wood have blogged about my displeasure otherwise.

Stopped by a Circle K on the way to the course Monday and picked up a couple breakfast sandwiches for Motorcycle and myself. They were advertised 2 for $2.22 and looked like a good deal. I had a chicken ‘n cheese biscuit and Jim a ham and cheese. But after one bite, it was obvious, even at that low price, a bargain they were not. Could have been the worst tasting biscuit in life. The paper wrapper would had more flavor. The texture was akin to a mixture of Styrofoam and drywall patch. How they could possibly have any return customers for such an unappetizing offering is beyond me. Even if these pseudo-sandwiches were given to the homeless for free, they would not come back for seconds. Yuck!

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